New proposal for the next SpaceSwap vote about creating a SSI / USDT pool with the SSI (SpaceStableIndex) coin
One of the SpaceSwap project's core ideas is to constantly develop the system and implement new rules that will lead to better operability and the smooth running of the platform. Moreover, our community has the last word in deciding whether proposed changes should be implemented.

Thus, we are launching a couple of votes in Snapshot and all holders possess the power to express their will.

The SpaceSwap team is about to put two new amendments to the vote concerning the new pools.

Due to our development plans, we would like to initiate a decentralized vote with the following purpose:

to create a SSI / USDT pool with the SSI (SpaceStableIndex) coin to join our list of Gravity products.
What is SSI?
SpaceStableIndex (SSI) is a digital ERC-20 asset. It is practically a fully funded stablecoin portfolio that contains USDT, DAI, USDC, sUSD and TUSD coins. SSI automatically rebalances your crypto according to the strategy you choose. For instance, if you want to trade your set of assets with a limited range, the Index will automatically rebalance your assets.

And of course, it makes your portfolio more diversified - if any of the stablecoins stop existing for any reason - you'll still save 80% of your total funds.

This action will help strengthen our major SpaceStableIndex product and create more demand in our Gravity pools.

If adopted through our voting system, such implementations will help us improve the structure within the SpaceSwap governance system and will allow us to better understand the community's wishes.

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