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CrypCade AMA Recap

Hello guys! On Thursday July 14h, we were glad to welcome Qiyana, the CEO of the CrypCade project to our chat group.

We spent a nice time having a frank conversation in which Qiyana answered the most relevant questions about the project and its plans for the future. We are extremely grateful to Qiyana and the CrypCade project team and look forward to continuing our partnership in pursuit of fruitful outcomes.

During the AMA session we asked the following questions: 

Q: Can you introduce your team and tell us more about your background?

A: The entire core team has been in the crypto space ranging from 3 to 7 years, we come from different backgrounds, like Finance, Marketing, Architecture and Urban Planning, Graphic Design, IT. We have a game development team of 20 artists and developers and 7 blockchain developers. I personally have been in blockchain for 6 years now. Mihai, our metaverse developer, has 12+ years of experience with building mobile and desktop games and owns a gaming studio.

Q: How did you guys come to the idea of creating a Metaverse project? What inspired you?

A: We have started CrypCade in 2018 as a half arcade, half luck-based platform and the development and team’s commitment to this project has been ongoing ever since. At the beginning of last year we decided to expand the user experience and launch our metaverse.

Q: What are your plans for the IDOs, TGE dates and listings?

A: The market conditions have been delaying our TGE a bit, we do however have the product ready to launch and we keep working on building more features for it. We release a new demo update every Friday and the demo can be downloaded from crypcade.city anytime for both mac and windows. As for IDOs we are working with several launchpads such as Enjinstarter, Infinity Pad (DAO Maker), SafeLaunch, BSC Launch, SpaceSwap and we are in talks with top tier exchanges as well.

Q: What are CrypCade's long-term sustainability goals?

A: We are actually building a multiverse, with 7 Sectors in the pipeline for far, each one having a different theme, thus creating a variety of immersive experiences for the users. Current business models do not offer users the possibility to pay for many businesses with crypto, so we are partnering up with several to offer that in an immersive way. Take our partner, Exclusive Autos, for example. They are a luxury car showroom in London, a real business. Through our implementation in  the metaverse they were able to set up shop in the virtual world and gain access to an entirely new type of consumer and ship their merchandise to almost any country.

By taking a look at our roadmap, you can see that our plans are not short-term, nor simple to achieve. We have already implemented extra features into the metaverse and we have development and announcements in the pipeline for years to come. We also offer Metaverse as a Service, meaning we can integrate any business inside the metaverse and offer them a new avenue for their revenue. Think shopping but in VR for example.

Q: How is the copyright protection guaranteed in the CrypCade system? How to know who is the real owner of an NFT in the Marketplace?

A: We have a Metamask login implemented, which is fast and secure and will detect whether or not you own one or several NFTs with utility within the metaverse. If anyone makes a copy of our NFTs it will be just that - a copy and nothing more. No other NFTs from outside the CrypCade ecosystem will have any value within the metaverse, since they won't be accepted.

Q: Are there good opportunities to earn on the CrypCade Platform? How about the ''passive income'' opportunities?

A: We offer a wide variety of income avenues inside CrypCade City, such as move to earn, play to earn, dividends, special kinds of passive income depending on which NFTs you own, rental income, tax share income, NFT trading etc. Another way of earning inside CrypCade City will be completing daily tasks and talking to NPCs to give you clues to solve in order to find some well hidden easter eggs

Q: Can you shed some light on the CrypCade Marketplace? Can you also give us a timeline for the mobile app release and NFT game assets implementation?

A: The Marketplace is being optimized currently to host NFTs on multiple chains, since this is a multichain metaverse, and you will be able to sell, buy or rent out NFTs from it. Our NFTs come in collections and drops, so do expect a lot of features to come as NFTs. The first drops will be Keys, Characters, Vehicles, Properties. The current drops are being implemented inside the game and they will be ready for the game launch. As for the mobile app, we do have one in our roadmap and we are aware that a good majority of the world is using mobile gaming, so we try to cater to everyone.

Q: Can you tell us more about the upcoming metaverse and what role will this play in СrypСade's games and casino?

A: We offer many features inside the metaverse, I do invite you all to read our whitepaper and get more acquainted with what we're doing, we have 2 Play 2 Earn inhouse built games integrated inside the metaverse so far and we are integrating more, of course, besides these games we have some arcade games that you can play from our arcade building and we have a FPS game coming up soon.

Q: So currently most of the features available are for PC, When do you think will be the launch of the mobile app of CrypCade? Any specific time frame?

A: The mobile app is a support app that includes AR (Augmented Reality) features and also works in tandem with the PC metaverse build. App launch date is set for mid-late August.

Q: What is the hardest part about development for your team?

A: We are developing the metaverse in three different directions: metaverse as a service for real companies, play to earn games and the metaverse as a place for social interactions. Each of these three different features comes with a set of challenges, but so far we managed to seamlessly combine all these amazing features together.

Full transcript: https://t.me/SpaceSwap/159806