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The SIDUS HEROES IDO Registration will be open on December 14. We’ve gathered here some more tips for you, to help ensure this event goes as smoothly and perfectly as possible.

MILK2 Staking Stage

  • Staking MILK2 is not specifically connected  with the SIDUS HEROES IDO. It is a separate and ongoing process. As soon as the staking is open, you can begin staking your MILK2.
  • Before depositing your MILK2 tokens, you will need to click on the APPROVE button for the MILK2 token, to trigger the interaction with the staking contract.
  • The minimum staking amount is 5,000 MILK2. If you make your first deposit and enter an amount that is less than 5,000 in the entry field, the program will automatically change it to 5,000. If you have already staked 5,000 MILK2, your subsequent stakes can be of any amount.
  • You can stake any number of tokens so long as it is at least 5,000. However, for the $SIDUS and $SENATE token campaigns, any stake higher than 20,000 MILK2 will not be counted (the first 20k MILK2 will of course be counted). 
  • When visiting the staking page, you will need to sign the User Agreement — check the box in the pop-up window, click to SIGN it and then do the same in your wallet. Users who have not signed the agreement will not be allowed to participate in any events on the platform. A list of all the signatories is recorded in the database.

Registration Stage

  • There are 1,000 participant slots for the $SIDUS token sale event and 1,000 slots for the $SENATE event. Registration for each event is separate. 
  • You will not be allowed to register for any of the campaigns if you have not signed the User Agreement.
  • You will not be able to register if you do not have a minimum of 5,000 MILK2 staked prior to the Registration stage (the contract will not count it, as there will be nothing to count).
  • The Registration stage includes: 1) Approval of the payment tokens - both campaigns require payment in BUSD tokens. We suggest that you have some BUSD tokens in your wallet by December 14th, though some stablecoins can be approved with 0 balance. If you register for both campaigns, you will only need to approve the tokens once; 2) Registration (please note: the APPROVE button will be replaced by the PARTICIPATE button).
  • If you stake the needed amount of the MILK2 tokens and sign the User Agreement, but find that the APPROVE or PARTICIPATE button is not active after the official start of the Registration stage - we suggest that you refresh the page and reset the cache. If this does not help, go back to the staking page and check if there is a User Agreement pop-up window. If there is, then sign the User Agreement and proceed to the Registration page. The button will also be inactive if all 1,000 participant slots have already been taken.
  • The Registration start will be announced on SpaceSwap’s official social media platforms, with reposts in SIDUS HEROES’ official social media channels.
  • If the buttons and the screen respond with a delay (in your opinion), do not click again. Wait for the front-end to update after the transactions have gone through. By clicking the buttons again, you will increase the waiting period.
  • You can add funds to your stake in order to increase your allocation. After adding more funds, you will again need to click on the PARTICIPATE button — your added stake will be counted and the allocation amount will change.
  • After registering, you will be able to see your preliminary allocation. You will see this change in real time (you may need to refresh the website), according to the total number of staked MILK2 and your share of the total.

Sale Stage

  • At the beginning of the Sale stage, you will see the number of tokens available for your purchase and the amount of BUSD you will need.
  • Please note that since the IDO does not include token claim on our website, synthetic coins (sSIDUS and sSENATE) will be indicated in the contract and displayed for users. They will represent your share of real tokens in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient amount of BUSD tokens.
  • You can buy tokens while the Sale stage is in progress, in several transactions. For example, if you do not have enough BUSD coins in your wallet and you need to replenish the balance, you can perform multiple transactions.


  • $SIDUS and $SENATE ERC-20 tokens will be sent to the addresses used to make the purchases, which will equate to 10% of the purchase total.
  • We remind you to observe recommended security measures when using your MetaMask wallet.
  • We will notify everyone about the distribution and listing separately.

More tips

  • The speed of MetaMask’s mobile app is a topic of concern to us. We cannot insist, but we strongly suggest that you use the desktop version of the wallet.
  • All interactions with the contract incur network commissions (approval, token staking, registration, etc.). BSC’s commissions are quite kind, but please make sure you have enough BNB tokens in your wallet.
  • We also remind you that the interaction with the smart contracts may be associated with the functional peculiarities of the network itself — i.e. high congestion or temporary problems with the network. SpaceSwap does not bear any responsibility for this.

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