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Finalizing the Shadow Bridge Service

Since January 2022, we have all been waiting for the restart of the cross-chain Bridge for MILK2 and SHAKE tokens. After the attack and the subsequent investigation of the incident, the team decided to move away from the pre-existing model because of its optimization and liquidity issues.

Great news! After incorporating a number of improvements, additions and security enhancements, we are almost ready to launch the Beta version of the Bridge!

Our immediate plans are:

  • Up to April 4 (inclusive), the Bridge will undergo testing by individual project teams.

  • Next, we would like to invite our community to take part in a closed test that will last for 1 week.

  • If everything goes well, until the end of April, we will launch the public Beta version of the Bridge. (Some changes and improvements might still be implemented after this date).

Some facts about the new Shadow Bridge Service

  • The Bridge will work on the burn-mint principle, to solve the liquidity problem.

  • For end users, the token exchange process will consist of two actions: a Swap in the sending network and a Claim in the receiving network. (Both actions require the users to pay network commissions).

  • The Bridge will be launched for operational use by three networks at once: Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche.

  • At first, we will not withhold commissions in MILK2 or SHAKE tokens (this can be changed later).

More details on the new service will be given soon, together with a comprehensive Guide!

If you would like to participate in the closed testing — please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/11BJ6YJj96kBTuru8 

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned!

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