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SpaceSwap and NFT STARS Partner With BitBook to Expand Their DeFi Ecosystem

DeFi ecosystem SpaceSwap and its partner company NFT STARS, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, announced a new partnership with BitBook, a Travel platform for booking accommodation and earning rewards for sharing travel experiences. The teams plan to work together in the marketing space, launching joint promotion campaigns and sharing their expertise. 

The three platforms traditionally work in different areas of decentralized finance: non-fungible tokens and digital art; yield farming and DeFi lending; Travel bookings and social media. The projects recognize that each can benefit from one another’s experience. That's why the major focus of the collaboration will be on joint marketing activities. As a travel booking company, BitBook has a big international community and a network of partners. NFT STARS will work with BitBook on cross-promoting their products and services to new communities and introducing audiences in Asia, Europe, and the Americas to the opportunities presented by NFT STARS’ NFT marketplace. SpaceSwap and NFT STARS will in turn help BitBook with stepping onto NFT ground. Both SpaceSwap and NFT STARS have enormous experience in developing products and leveraging the strengths of non-fungible tokens. Currently, BitBook is considering several NFT use cases within its app:
  • NFTs may be granted for reviewing a destination and the token can be later used as a discount coupon in the same place.
  • Travel bloggers can mint NFTs of their favorite memories.
  • In collaboration with NFT STARS, we may launch a limited collection of NFTs featuring the best destinations.
  • Travel scores can be transformed into an NFT farming card to encourage users to travel more and share their experiences. 

"We're excited about building a strong partnership with BitBook and working together to expand our ecosystems and grow our audience. The collaboration wouldn't be limited to marketing - we are already thinking about how the BitBook community can benefit from SpaceSwap’s DeFi products or from immersing into the NFT world with NFT STARS. We see a lot of potential and room to grow. And if one day we decide to go into the travel industry, we know that we have a highly experienced partner on board" - Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS and SpaceSwap.

About BitBook

BitBook is a travel platform where users can book accommodation and earn passive income by sharing their travel experiences and helping others with choosing their next destination. BitBook unites several actors from the travel community: accommodation providers, travelers, content creators that write about their experiences and travel influencers. All are rewarded for their activity on the platform. Their platform will be launched in the coming week and the team is launching an IEO on May 31st. 

About SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap is a DeFi ecosystem that has triggered a revolution in yield farming. The killer feature of the platform is its Shadow Staking technology, which enables yield farming without the need to transfer LP tokens. The system reads all the necessary information directly from the user's wallet and starts the farming process. Thus, SpaceSwap is able to reduce the number of transactions normally involved in yield farming, helping users to save on Gas. It's also a more secure way to stake LPs as users remain in full control of their tokens throughout the whole process. The SpaceSwap ecosystem also includes NFT farming, index tokens and a lending solution. The platform operates on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. 


NFT STARS is a new multi-chain NFT marketplace that has accumulated a unique set of products and services relevant to artists, digital art lovers, investors, startup founders and NFT gamers. The platform opens up the NFT world to those who have been priced out of the art market through its fractional NFT trading feature and fosters cooperation among artists with the help of collective NFT ownership. NFT STARS also introduces a brand-new way to kick-start a business by enabling Initial NFT Offerings. The marketplace is governed by a community that participates in the artist selection process and can create and vote on new proposals for the platform. Holders of NFT STARS’ native token are able to access premium features and are eligible for NFT discounts. NFT STARS will launch its IDO on June 5th.