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SpaceSwap creates the ultimate armor for their community — IPFS

IPFS integration safeguards the stability of the SpaceSwap website. So no matter what happens to its developers, SpaceSwap will stay alive! The site will be on the shoulders of the community. This is why IPFS is so good!

Many crypto enthusiasts are tired of centralization and ‘grab-and-run managers of crypto projects. But now there’s a way to invincibility for the global community — it’s called InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). It is a peer-to-peer distributed file system in which all users are linked (similar to the World Wide Web). IPFS can be thought of as a single BitTorrent swarm, sharing files from a single Git repository. The system provides a block storage model whereby the community can address matters relating to content, with ‘content-addressable’ hyperlinks ‘that have a high throughput. In other words, the SpaceSwap website is 100% owned by the community!

Here’s the link to the SpaceSwap IPFS address:

SpaceSwap positive vibes

SpaceSwap becomes a host in a decentralized system to keep its users safe. The project’s developers have striven to place maximum transparency and control over the services in the hands of the community and it all starts with the website. Its availability will be ensured by network participants, which guarantees round-the-clock availability and absolute protection against server failures.

SpaceSwap guarantees a 100% fair distribution of coins, with no hidden charges. The project is launching a single pool for several stablecoins at once, which will significantly reduce gas costs. The community has the right to decide how many pools it needs, through a fair voting system. This is done in order to provide users with the opportunity to independently decide which pools to provide liquidity to, using LP.

“We have fundamentally addressed the issue of decentralization. Our main goal is community safety and IPFS is the answer we’ve been looking for. We promise no fakes or dubious decisions — only absolute transparency. SpaceSwap will become a one-stop-station for DeFi services and a safe haven for crypto users.” — SpaceSwap developers say.

Game-changing protocol to come!

SpaceSwap is expected to radically change the landscape of the DeFi market. The protocol has prepared revolutionary initiatives for liquidity providers and opportunities for DeFi services. SpaceSwap will be an improved version of Uniswap. The coins native to the protocol are: MILK (governance coin) and SHAKE (stablecoin) and will be a gold mine for liquidity providers.

SpaceSwap includes several options for profit-making:
  1. MILK rewards, depending on the liquidity provider’s LP stake.
  2. Out of the 0.3% standard LP reward, 0.05% goes towards buying out MILK on the market and these coins are distributed among SHAKE holders.

Developers have also prepared incentives for early adopters — during the generation of the first 100,000 blocks, the MILK coin reward will be increased by ten-fold (1,000 MILK). Afterwards, each block will generate 100 MILK coins, with SpaceSwap developers taking only 3% of the MILK tokens for the team and for operational expenses.

Minutes to launch

The launch of the SpaceSwap protocol is set for 10th September. In just a few days, we will be able to witness a revolution in the DeFi market. Let’s see how good SpaceSwap is with their innovative InterPlanetary File System hosting.

For more information, check out GitHub or contact the SpaceSwap team:
Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi