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Breaking the boundaries! Comprehensive language support to be launched on the SpaceSwap platform

Despite the fact that we have active support in Discord and Telegram, we’re planning to expand this activity and take it to the next level. That’s why the SpaceSwap team is about to launch comprehensive language support on the project’s official site. 

All our users will be able to pass easy onboarding to our platform and discover the benefits of all our projects (including the newest Shadow Staking service) and get access to multilingual live support. 

What is onboarding?

Onboarding is a process of adaptation to a new project. The SpaceSwap onboarding will have a group of live supporters who will help users with any stage of learning about the project. The pop-up option will be implemented soon after the live support is launched on our official site.

Onboarding can consist of a number of tool tips and pop-ups. They appear the moment a user clicks on the corresponding site section to explain all the main concepts of the project or to make recommendations about performing the corresponding act.

The languages presented on the SpaceSwap platform

The first three languages to be included are English, Japanese and Russian. The Japanese support is generously provided by our partners, Platinum Software Development Company

“We are delighted to see growing interest in SpaceSwap projects. Every day the number of users and countries participating on our platform increases. That’s why we are planning to implement support for other languages in the near future” - says the SpaceSwap team.

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For more information, check out GitHub or contact the SpaceSwap team:
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