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MILK2 BEP-20 burn announcement

Last week we conducted a special Christmas NFT MANIA Quest. Some of the tickets for the event were bought using MILK2 BEP-20 tokens. Prior to this, we initiated a DAO vote to decide what to do with the tokens we received from the sale:

The majority of you voted for Option 1, which was to burn the MILK2 BEP-20. Fulfilling the will of the community, we have burnt all the MILK2 BEP tokens that were gathered in the NFT MANIA Quest event, adhering to SpaceSwap’s deflationary tokenomics.

Total amount of MILK2 BEP-20 burnt: 8830
Proof-of-burn transaction link: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xb34b639a798699c4fb0bd035539bb82306fbbda9bce2f910527c25a80d3fe0ca 

We once again congratulate all the winners and participants of the NFT MANIA Quest! Thank you for your participation