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Getting ready for the CrypCade IDO

In anticipation of the CrypCade sale (the registration stage starts on August 9 at 7.00 am UTC), we have prepared a list of tips to help make the process as smooth as possible for you.


Tier 1 Low Fat, Tier 2 Creamy
Registration stage:
  • 7 am UTC (09.08.22) — 3 pm UTC (09.08.22)
Purchase stage:
  • 3 pm UTC (09.08.22) — 8 am UTC (10.08.22)

Flash Sale (in case of it)
Registration stage:
  • 11 am UTC (10.08.22) — 12 pm UTC (10.08.22)
Purchase stage:
  • 12 pm UTC (10.08.22) — 2 pm UTC (10.08.22)

1.IMPORTANT: Do not try to buy the tokens directly through the smart contract or register bypassing the user interface on the site.
The launchpad is a complex system that has a large number of different elements all working together in a coherent end-to-end process - a specially prepared path has been laid out for our users. If you bypass the user interface, you’ll effectively skip several verification steps, which means there’s a 90% chance  you will not be able to participate in the later stages of the sale. Almost all cases where users were unable to purchase coins after registering, it was because the user bypassed the front-end.

2.Make sure you stake MILK2 before registering here: https://launchpad.spaceswap.app/staking/milk2 

Please note: if you have staked 30k MILK2, you can take part in the registration and purchase iCADE coins, in both tiers at once (Your share will be displayed in siCADE coins - these are synthetic tokens used for counting. They will not be sent anywhere, they stay within the contract and are meant only to represent your share of iCADE tokens in a ratio of 1:1).

Tier 1 / Low Fat. We will count your stake according to how much you have deposited, between 10,000 to 29,999 MILK2. Your share of the sale coins will depend on your share of the total staking pool, and all registered in a particular tier, which on average will be $100).

Tier 2 / Creamy. We will count your stake as 30k MILK2. The sale token allocations in this pool cannot be less than $200, but it can be larger if less than 50 addresses take part in the sale.

3.Remember that the number of slots for each Tier is limited - 100 for Tier 1, 50 for Tier 2. To ensure you get an allocation slot, we recommend making sure you’re ready on time for the start of the main sale’s registration stage - August 9 at 7.00 am UTC. The number of registered participants will be displayed in real time on the sales pages. Once the limit is reached,new registrations will not be possible. Successfully  registered participants can increase their stake all the way up till the end of the registration stage. So for instance, if you registered with a 10k MILK2, you can opt to add more MILK2 to the stake pool and increase your allocation but you have to do it before the registration stage closes. Your stake share will be recalculated to reflect your new stake total).

4.For a more efficient interaction between your MetaMask wallet and the site, we recommend you complete following steps in advance:
  • Use the desktop version or at least have it ready to go in the background as The mobile version often experiences connection issues.
  • When using the browser version of MetaMask, disable all other browser extensions (other wallets, etc.), because MetaMask often conflicts with other extensions. In some particularly stubborn cases, switching to Incognito Mode helps.

5.Make sure you have BNB on ​​your address balance to pay for the network transaction fees (for staking, registering, approving coins for payment and purchases). You need BUSD as well for the purchase itself.

6.We will notify you about the stages of the sale in our official social networks. In addition, an active timer will, as usual, be displayed on the sale pages. A slight time change to the schedule may occur if there is a lag or acceleration in the release of blocks on BSC. Be careful.

7.We remind you of the safety rules. Verify all the contract addresses, use only those specified in our official groups. Support will never ask for your seed phrase or your private keys. Be careful after the sale as well, coins will be distributed at the discretion of the project, using the addresses that took part in the sale, so changing your  wallet after the sale is not possible.

8.We will let you know if a flash sale round will be held immediately after the end of the main sale on August 10. If it does, the start and end time will be 11 am UTC to 2 pm UTC and the minimum stake will be 5k MILK2. There will be no restrictions on the number of registration slots for this sale.