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SpaceSwap Technical Updates 25.07.22

Hey there, SpaceSwap community! Ready for a new bunch of technical updates? Here we go:

The team has finished a major investigation into the incident that occurred on July 15 and is implementing upgrades to the products system. The launch date is being finalized but we do not expect it will take long.

General System Updates
To optimize and improve the efficiency of the application, the team has developed a new audit and upgrade system that is already being integrated. Thus, temporary maintenance works for individual products on the site may occur during its implementation. Please contact the support team if you encounter any difficulties. We plan to complete the implementation of the new standard system as soon as possible and will keep you informed.

Internal testing for 2 mini-game elements continues.

Farming Marketplace
The audit system developed for existing products is also being introduced into the marketplace.

It is technically ready to hold more IDOs than ever before. But we want to time its launch for the most successful outcome, taking into account the restoration of the Bridge service.

This is pretty much all the main updates for today. A new week filled with important challenges and tasks to resolve is ahead of us! 

Thank you for your patience and support, 
The SpaceSwap Team