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CrypCade IDO on SpaceSwap Starter

Hello, friends!

Have you been missing good old IDOs and metaverses? In that case, we have good news for you that doesn't only end this week! We have a really cool project to present to you called CrypCade and we will be conducting a sale for them before the end of July.

Let’s get familiar with the CrypCade project:

CrypCade is a metaverse and service project that not only enables users to engage in exciting P2E games, it also allows them to create their own projects that will diversify the metaverse. CrypCade provides fully customized in-house NFT integration via the Web 3.0 protocol and a 100% provably fair algorithm that protects the legitimacy of its game results. 

The project has achieved great results so far and there is already a demo version available. Recently CrypCade took part in the ESI Singapore 2022 event.
The CrypCade ecosystem has its own in-house games and entertainment dApps from other developers. 

💎 CrypCade’s Unique Features 💎

❇️Ecosystem – within the Metaverse, partner dApps and crypto projects will be able to co-build their own dApps and CrypCade’s users will be able to play their favorite games using the ecosystem’s native token. 

❇️CrypCade City – this consists of different districts, each with its own distinct atmosphere. One can walk, drive or even fly to the neighboring districts. Purchase plots as NFTs and earn a monthly income generated from these plots. 

 ❇️CrypArcade – an arcade that comprises various P2E games, where people can take part in gaming tournaments. Various other games can be added to the metaverse, providing users with an enjoyable metaverse gaming experience.

 ❇️DAO Feature – the first metaverse with DAO governance in place. Eligible token holders have voting privileges to decide on important matters concerning the CrypCade ecosystem. 

❇️Development Fund – this fund supports developers in building engaging games and entertainment dApps for the CrypCade ecosystem. 

❇️CrypCade Clubhouse – provides influencers, celebrities and communities with virtual spaces inside the metaverse and comes with membership benefits. 

❇️CrypCasino – an immersive casino experience inside the CrypCade ecosystem that gives users a first-person metaverse Casino experience. CrypCasino has ties to the world's biggest game providers. 

❇️CrypCade Gallery – a virtual gallery and marketplace for artists, creators, influencers, celebrities and anyone who wants to sell their NFTs and merchandise, all contributing to an immersive buying experience. 

🌐 Important Links 

❇️ Telegram
❇️ Telegram News Channel 
❇️ Twitter
❇️ Website 

🎬 Trailers:

🔸Cinematic Trailer #1: https://youtu.be/9zHFJb3Jaqk 
🔸Metaverse Demo Release Trailer: https://youtu.be/l0L88dK2DaU 

🎮Play the Demo (Windows and Mac OS versions available):


Want to hear something even cooler? SHAKE stakers will finally be able to get their juicy allocations. We will also set up 2 pools for MILK2 with a tier system!

More details, dates and numbers for the sale will be announced at the beginning of next week but for now, we are ready for your questions and inquiries. We’re sure you must have plenty of them. We look forward to rounding up the most interesting ones for the AMA session with the project!

Stay tuned!