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Hello, community! How did you like the recent AMA Session with the WARP blockchain project? We loved it! In case you missed it, or want to refresh some details in your memory, here is a comprehensive recap with all essential info!

Tell us something more about yourself and the team.
WARP is made up of 5 co-founders, 6 staff, and 2 advisors. The majority of us have been working with each other for more than a year and are located worldwide.
Joel, Creative lead — Handles all the 3D graphic assets of Warp. Used to own a VR gaming company in LA and was also the VFX artist for
Captain America ,GI Joe, The Avengers, Thor, X-Men, and more.
Travis, Blockchain Lead — Handles all the blockchain contracts. Experience in WEB3 code development since 2017.
Deadpoet, Current Growth — Manages the partnership/marketing/outreach team. Full-time crypto, previously he used to negotiate TV broadcasting solutions and contracts for tier 1 sports events such as F1,Olympics, and many others.
PeteC, Algorithm Lead — Handles Tokenomics, Code Logic, and Game Economy. He is our in-house economist and runs his own IT company.
Jordan, Frontend Lead — Handles all the UI/UX code development of WARP Game. Owns a dev company.

How did you come to the idea of creating a project? What inspired you?
Joel has been creating starships in Blender since he was twelve years old, so with basic math that means 20 years of building sci-fi designs. WARP brings that heritage into the crypto age with a game experience designed with starships as its focus.

How many NFTs are required to play WARP game? Is there an NFT rental feature for users who don’t have enough capital? And is WARP available on mobile?
The WARP Starship NFT is the most valuable asset of the ecosystem. It is the gateway that unlocks all features of the game. In Season 2, WARP Starship NFTs generate $WARP credits daily!
We are working on the rental feature in collaboration with our guild partners to ensure a safe and fair mechanism for all. WARP game has not been optimized for mobile yet but since the game is browser based we will be making the required updates.

What are the key features WARP has that differentiate from other projects and what are your competitive advantages? What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future?
WARP features a true multi chain experience, the first of its kind where players from any of our connected chains can play together in our ecosystem. We have a small but agile team that can deliver based on our community feedback to create unique experiences tailored to our audience.
We are very confident about the survival and sustainable success of WARP as we study what works and what does not work. We built WARP around 1 token that will power the entire ecosystem and we have implemented several deflationary measures.

Listing on the right exchanges, especially major exchanges, helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. Where can we buy your token and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?
We will be listing on a DEX (most probably Apeswap) followed by a CEX where we have ongoing negotiations right now.

Who manages and controls the WARP Treasury? A third-Party or Multi-Sig? From what sources are funds accrued to the treasury and what are the use-cases of the treasury?
We use multi-sig. For Season 2 most of the funds will come from the buy of our Starship NFTs. The treasury will be used for development, marketing, and salaries.

What are the requirements or qualifications for playing WARP games, and who is eligible? Is there a step-by-step guide or tutorial available for those new to Warp games?
Players will need to be a starship NFT holder on one of the following chains: Ethereum, Polygon, FTM, Avax, Myria, and BNB. The game can be played on mobile or computer through our web based interface. Yes we will have video tutorials to accompany our users in their journey.

NFT hype is still going on and now everyone thinks NFTs are really the future for many real world issues so I want to ask: do you plan to create your own marketplace?
We already have our own internal NFT marketplace where players can list or buy ships or other NFTs like fuel cells and repair kits.

What are your plans for the IDO, TGE dates, and listings?
TOKEN IDO Week: Sept 19–25 2022
INO/NFT PRESALES: Sept 26th onwards
TGE: Sept 26 or 28, 2022 (TBC)
WARP Season 2 Premier: Sept 30, 2022

Many projects from your industry have encountered a large number of bots, how will you deal with this problem?
We have a web 2.5 infrastructure (to provide security and good user experience) where all the important components like Starship NFTs, Tokens, and funds happen on the blockchains where our users simply have to connect their wallet. The fun part (the game itself) takes place on our Web 2.0 interface making our game much more user-friendly.