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In the current market, does the course of development for the SpaceSwap project alter?

Hello, everybody!

The last few weeks have once again shown the cyclical nature of the market. An active bull market is always eventually followed by a decline, sometimes a dramatic one. 

The unstable situation in the world, the oversaturation of popular market segments and undercover intrigues of the biggest players in the industry is a recipe for panic dumping. Projects large and small, along with their users, are left stunned and in anticipation of changes.

What does SpaceSwap plan to do? 

You may wonder whether the course of the project alters in response to such times. What new features and use cases are expected to be implemented in the short and long term?

First of all, our team is not comprised of beginners, but experienced players in the crypto market who caught the ICO boom as well as the time when Bitcoin was priced at $3.5k and suffered the initial laughter at NFT. And just as before, we confidently repeat the phrase “this too shall pass”. 

What’s more important is that our team consists of excellent technical specialists, which is why the natural decline and the subsequent standstill of the market is in a sense our favorite time – a time when we can delve headlong into the development of larger and more complex projects that we generally don’t have time for during an active bull rally.

Furthermore, now is the time to build up and strengthen our network, which is what we are working on right now and are trying to conclude as quickly as possible. Soon, we’ll be ready to announce the results!

Here is our list of plans for the near-term, in brief:

  • Improvement of the current product on BSC; the fork to Avalanche; introduction of new functions (INOs, etc.).
  • Coordination of sales and familiarization with new projects (based on the current market, we do not expect large sales during May, however, preparations for later events are in full swing, so you also have time to truly get to know the projects as much as possible).
  • Preparations to implement a tier-system.
Special thanks to everyone who participates in surveys that help to improve the quality of our IDO platform – your contribution is invaluable!

  • We continue to monitor the correct operation of the bridge and are waiting for your feedback.
  • We are preparing the second iteration, which will allow you to send multiple transactions in the same direction.

Shadow Farming Marketplace
This project is under active development. We plan to add creation of farming pools for projects that join us for IDOS, so updates are not too far off.

New initiatives:

We’ve introduced mini-games as part of the development of our own NFT universe and they’re continuing as planned. However, after analyzing the market, we decided that the start of any sales at this time is unjustified but new use cases for our native tokens as game currency are more than possible. Thus, at the end of May - beginning of June, the first mini-game will be introduced.
Any idea what mini-game tournament we'll start with? Share your thoughts!

MILK2 Burning Lotteries
At the beginning of June, we will tentatively launch a lottery in which any MILK2 holder can participate. It will be based on a blockchain randomizer from Chainlink and will take the form of an Easter egg hidden on the site. The second iteration of this development is a regular major lottery for native token holders.

Quiz bounty
Mini quizzes with questions from the community for the community

Stay tuned for more updates!