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SpaceSwap Bridge service restoration

After the recent issue on the SpaceSwap Bridge and the forced shutdown of the service, the team has been considering the options for the restoration of the service. We have two main solutions: restoring the old system using funds gathering on temporary wallets, or preparing a new bridge based on Shadow technology. We estimated both options in terms of security and efficiency, and found the following pros & cons.

Old Bridge service restoration

+ The restart of the Bridge would not take too long. We estimate it would take approximately two weeks considering the Avalanche integration.
+ The system is well-known and familiar to users.

- Tracking temporary wallets on the back-end puts a lot of pressure on the developers.
- Although temporary wallets are quite convenient, they are also of interest to hackers and provoke the suspicions of users who cannot always determine the source of this many coins being sent.
- The liquidity adding process is quite time consuming.
- The probability of individual transactions getting stuck because of glitches on the blockchain (often occurring on Binance Smart Chain).
- The process of preparing the explorer for users is complicated.
- The need to charge users commission.
- Significant gas costs for temporary wallets.

As opposed to the old system, we would like to propose a new one with obvious advantages.

Implementing a new Shadow Bridge service

+ Greater scalability.
+ Less load on the developers, less dependence on sending mass transactions on blockchain (which is problematic) and higher speed.
+ Greater orderliness.
+ Elimination of specific disadvantages associated with fundraising for a large number of temporary wallets
+ Lower costs for the project and therefore no need to charge users commission
+ A possible development of a separate explorer for users’ sendings

- The main disadvantage is development time. We would need about 1 month, which includes public test counting all preparations

We would like to say that the old Bridge served us faithfully for a year, however, the team believes that it is time to move on and use a more flexible and scalable service. If users express discontent after trying the new system, we can always consider bringing the old Bridge back.