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NFT MANIA ticket: where and how to buy

NFT MANIA EASTER QUEST features 2 types of chests: for the SIDUS HEROES community and for NFT MANIA ticket holders. Find below the details of ticket purchase.

Note: one address can participate in both — SIDUS HEROES community and NFT MANIA ticket holders events. No limits here!

As stated previously, the ticket price has increased since the previous event, from $40 to $100. You can purchase these tickets via our official website: https://nftmaniaquest.com/en/  

NFT MANIA tickets will be available for 

The MILK2 is set at 1600, and the NFTS price is set at 350, based on the price of the tokens on CoinGecko portal at 12:00 UTC on April 11th 2022 (taking into account the costs for minting and sending tickets). The ETH price is set at 0.033 at the moment of the start of the sale and will be adjusted every 3 days. All transaction fees are borne by the user.

Total number of tickets for sale:

  • 2,000 for ETH
  • 2,000 for MILK2 and NFTS (on all networks)

How to buy NFT MANIA tickets for ETH

1.Connect your MetaMask wallet. Push the CONNECT WALLET button in the right upper corner → NEXT → CONNECT
2.Push the BUY NFT TICKETS button in the center of your screen
3.Pick the number of tickets you would like to purchase. Use the arrows or insert the needed number

Note: the more tickets you buy — the higher your chances to win in the lottery!

4.Your Wallet address info will be automatically input upon connecting to the wallet
5.Push the PURCHASE button
6.Confirm your transaction to mint an NFT and send it to your wallet
7.That’s it! You get your NFT ticket and can now start having fun!

If purchasing tickets for ETH, the ticket will be automatically minted on your ETH wallet address.

Note: the minting fee is paid by the user. The price and duration of the transaction depend on the network congestion.

How to buy NFT MANIA tickets for MILK2 or NFTS

  1. Push the BUY NFT TICKETS button
  2. Pick the option WITH MILK2 OR NFTS TOKENS
  3. Pick the number of tickets you would like to purchase

The formula we are using on the website will calculate the total cost, taking into account the price and the number of tickets.

Note: the more tickets you buy — the higher your chances to win in the lottery!

4.You will see the amount of MILK2 or NFTS you need to send in order to buy tickets. You can use the networks provided above. The recipient's wallet address is provided in the upper part of the window.

Note: we only provide the recipient's wallet address on the official https://nftmaniaquest.com/!

5.Upon sending the payment, insert the transaction hash (one form is used for MILK2 and NFTS on any network) and your Ethereum MetaMask wallet address in the form. Do not use any exchange wallet addresses!

Note: - processing and sending an NFT ticket can take up to 8 hours. Tickets purchased on Saturday or Sunday will be sent to you on Monday. Please, be patient. Shall you have any questions, please, contact our Support team. 
  • The price in tokens is slightly higher than the price in ETH, because the tokens cover the minting fee + sending. 

6.That’s it — NFT tickets are yours!

NFT MANIA tickets — what do I get?

Those of you who took part in the previous event know that you can reuse your tickets for all our NFT MANIA Quests! With each new event, the price of one ticket increases and this time is no exception. Grab your chance to buy tickets now because they will cost much more next time!

All NFT MANIA ticket holders are equal during the Grand Lottery! No matter when you purchased your ticket: this time or previously, in winter!

NFT MANIA tickets:

  • give you access to Quests.
  • give you access to the Grand Lottery.
  • each has a unique number.
  • the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning the Lottery.
  • can be resold on the secondary market for extra profit.
  • appreciate in value with every new Quest

Good Luck!

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