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A partnership with CryptoBattles

SpaceSwap continues to integrate into GameFi and is glad to announce it’s found another interesting and exciting partnership with the enthusiastic team from the CryptoBattles project!

CryptoBattles is a web based blockchain PVP game launched on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain that is available to play on PC and mobile devices via the MetaMask App.

The company strives to provide a fun and profitable experience for players, to create a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming and to build an ecosystem of Play2Earn systems that meets the needs of all gamers around the world.

The main idea of the game is rewarding players with in-game tokens and winning rewards in cryptocurrencies after playing PVP duels and tournaments against other players. Gamers are able to retain control of their digital assets and Play2Earn, increasing the adoption of blockchain technology in their everyday lives. 

We hope to learn the best practices of organizing mini-games and using native tokens. This partnership is the first step towards fruitful cooperation and we believe it will have positive results for both sides.

More information about CryptoBattles in their social channels: Website | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Telegram GameFi