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SpaceSwap Crypto Supernova: SLEEP project

Hey there, community! A new week has just begun, which means we are ready to kick off our new SpaceSwap Crypto Supernova series!

As promised, we’ll be introducing you to some interesting projects and concepts in the DeFi sphere.

Disclaimer: the contents of the column should not be taken as investment advice, it is given for informational purposes and unless an official announcement has been made, there is no guarantee that the projects featured in the column will be holding a sale. However, if sufficient interest is voiced by the community, we will take that as a green light for us to expand our collaboration.

Project overview

Today, we’re putting quite an unusual idea under the spotlight - a Sleep2Earn called the SLEEP project! SLEEP (sleep.game) is reportedly building the first Web3 lifestyle app where users learn about the importance of health and good quality rest.

Users can earn $ZZZ for sleeping, relaxing and putting their phone away. At the launch, users equipped with NFT beds will be able to earn $SLEEP while they sleep, which can be used to level-up and mint new beds along with other equipment.

Players can choose to rent or sell their NFT beds in the in-app Marketplace; users’ $SLEEP earnings are stored in an in-app wallet that has a built-in Swap function. There are three Game-Fi modes available in the app:

  1. Sleeping: Lock your phone in Sleep mode and earn $ZZZ
  2. Drive: Lock your phone while driving the car and earn $ZZZ
  3. Mental health and rest: Lock your phone during the day and earn $ZZZ

Token utility

The $SLEEP token is the main project token within the ecosystem. It will be used for governance and for minting the first NFT to get started in-game.

$SLEEP will be accompanied by a secondary token called $ZZZ, which is used to perform major actions inside the game: locking one’s phone in one of the game modes (to earn $ZZZ), leveling-up, buying accessories for NFTs and repairing NFTs.

$SLEEP: for Governance, Staking and Minting the first NFT.
$ZZZ: for Earning in the game, leveling-up, repairing NFTs and minting new NFTs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Taking a closer look at the project, we can clearly identify the following pros: 
  • The recent surge in the market price
  • The project’s clear  whitepaper
  • Its active community
  • The contract is planned to run BSC
  • Exciting concept with a focus on the healthy lifestyle
  • Doxxed team

But it doesn't come without certains cons: 

  • Tokenomics is not detailed enough
  • There are projects with similar concept
  • The app isn’t released yet

We can state that the project is quite vivid and exciting, but it requires closer consideration.

👉 Want to know more about the SLEEP project? Then be sure to visit their social channels:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Pitch Deck | Roadmap