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Special Xmas NFT MANIA QUEST event starts on December 18th! Ticket presale from 11th of December!


NFT MANIA QUEST Christmas edition is knocking at your door. Let’s dive into the holiday mood and win some sweet gifts to celebrate!

The main NFT MANIA QUEST starts on December 18th!

This year, we are dividing Quest participants into two groups:

  • NFT HEROES holders
If you are a lucky owner of an NFT from the SIDUS NFT HEROES collection, we welcome you to the first part of our NFT MANIA QUEST. Besides the fact that you’re going to have a lot of fun with your Hero when the game starts, there are some perks you get by participating in the Quest. And this is the first Christmas miracle!

  • NFT TICKET holders
The ticket presale opens on December 11th. Get your NFT MANIA tickets now for $60 instead of $100 after the presale ends. This is our second Christmas miracle!

What you get with your NFT MANIA ticket

Every NFT MANIA ticket has a unique number and enters the holder into the lottery. Yes, at the end of the NFT MANIA QUEST, we will be holding a special Christmas Lottery for those with tickets and the main prize is $100,000! The lottery winner will be chosen by a randomizer, so the more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning! 

That’s not all — Christmas NFT MANIA QUEST tickets will be valid for future quests as well and the only chance to buy them at such a yummy price is now. Our next NFT MANIA QUEST is scheduled for February 2022!

Still not enough? You can always sell your NFT MANIA ticket on the secondary market as there will be lots of people willing to buy tickets at better prices.

And this is our third Christmas miracle!

Christmas NFT MANIA QUEST Roadmap

Chest 1 — for NFT HEROES holders — $5,000
FROM 12.18.2021   TO 12.19.2021

Chest 2 — for NFT TICKET holders — $15,000 + 1 NFT HERO
FROM 12.19.2021   TO 12.20.2021

Chest 3 — for NFT HEROES holders — $10,000 + 1 NFT HERO
FROM 12.20.2021   TO 12.21.2021

Chest 4 — for NFT TICKET holders — $20,000 + 1 NFT HERO
FROM 12.21.2021   TO 12.22.2021

Chest 5 — for NFT HEROES holders — $15,000 + 1 NFT HERO
FROM 12.22.2021   TO 12.23.2021

Chest 6 — for NFT TICKET holders — $30,000 + 1 NFT HERO
FROM 12.23.2021   TO 12.24.2021

On 24.12.2021 we will be holding a Special Christmas Lottery (100,000$) for NFT TICKETS holders only!

It’s time to make your choice for how to become a participant of the upcoming NFT MANIA QUEST. Hurry up and join this fest!

We conducted the first NFT Mania Quest in May 2021. Over 10,000 people participated in the event! It consisted of a series of daily riddles that participants had to solve in order to get the key to a prize-filled chest. The quest attracted a lot of users. This fun and fascinating game required a lot of attention and ingenuity and the prizes included NFT FARMING cards with new farming pools for the winners. This time, it will be even more fun!

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