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Wrapping up Legion Network’s IDO results

As you know, on April 18th and 19th, we hosted the Legion Network IDO. Legion Network is a revolutionary new blockchain ecosystem and NFT marketplace. Now let's sum up the results:

👉 Number of rounds: 2 (Main sale + Flash sale)
👉 Buy-up percentage: 99.4%
👉 Unique addresses participating in the sale: 108
👉 Number of registrations:
  1. 100 slots (limited)
  2. 51 slots (unlimited)

We can tell from this that we had some repeat addresses participating in the Flash sale as well as some new addresses that had not managed to take part in the first round.

Allocation size:
✨Total Purchased: $19,880

In the 1st Main round:
✨for a 5k MILK2 stake: $69
✨for a 20k MILK2 stake: $278

In the 2nd Flash round:
✨for a 5k MILK2 stake: $17
✨for a 20k MILK2 stake: $77

Listing information and TGE. Claim and listing info for April 20th. 

Pay attention to the changes in the listing schedule!

Well, thanks to everyone who actively took part! Based on these results, we will be applying certain improvements to enhance the IDO experience in future.