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SpaceSwap Insights Digest

Hello, guys! It is June 13th 2022 already and we’ve got plenty of updates to share with you. Without further introduction, let’s get to the digest:

Bitcoin has touched the $25,117 point and is approaching December 2020’s indicators, while Ether is estimated at $1,318, which is comparable to January 2021’s metrics.

Given the inexorably advancing mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, it will be quite interesting to compare these indicators to next year’s and those in two, five years and beyond, especially in light of the upcoming transition of Ethereum to PoS: https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/consensus-mechanisms/pos/ 

The SpaceCrew is preparing a new material that will be devoted solely to the topic of the mass adoption process, its advantages and possible pitfalls.

In the meantime, we offer you a reminder of our previous topics:

We continue to work for you in any weather and any market cycle.

SpaceSwap Team!

So, what are your bets on market movement this summer?