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17th June - CryptoBattles & SpaceSwap gaming tournament with special event!

Planned integration into the world of mini-games is in full swing. Moreover, you can already play some games this weekend! We will hold a joint tournament with our partners CryptoBattles.

Get ready for a cosmic battle between CryptoBattles and SpaceSwap! Join the SpaceSwap team and our Team Lead who will take part in the clash to defend the honor of our community and get a chance to win these awesome prizes! 👇

Play and win $1,000 in crypto tokens and bonuses in the “Beat the Dev” event!

🏆 1st prize: $100 in $CBT and $100 in $MILK2
🏆 2nd prize: $80 in $CBT and $80 in $MILK2
🏆 3rd prize: $70 in $CBT and $70 in $MILK2
🏆 4th prize: $60 in $CBT and $60 in $MILK2
🏆 5th prize: $40 in $CBT and $40 in $MILK2
🏆 6th–10th prize: $30 in $CBT and $30 in $MILK2, each

Make bets in $CBT or $MILK2 BEP20 tokens to earn tournament points!

Take part in the Beat the Dev event! Beat the representative of the SpaceSwap - our team lead responsible for game development on June 17th from 12:00 pm UTC till 13:00 pm UTC to get an additional reward of $5–10 in $MILK2 tokens! Follow CryptoBattles on Twitter and Telegram so you don’t miss the event!

💰 Tournament scoring:

1. $5 bet: 100 points for a win and 10 points for each captured base
2. $10 bet: 200 points for a win and 20 points for each captured base
3. $20 bet: 400 points for a win and 40 points for each captured base
4. $50 bet: 1,000 points for a victory and 100 points for each captured base

📆 Time: June 17th from 9:00 am UTC till June 19th 9:00 pm UTC
😎 Join and win: play.cryptobattles.games 
📝 How to play guide: https://docs.cryptobattles.games/cryptobattles-game 

🌌 About SpaceSwap

SpaceSwap is currently developing its own mini-games, and we would be just happy to take part in the event we were invited to.

💣 About CryptoBattles

CryptoBattles is a real-time strategy game based on blockchain technology.

The core of the game revolves around rewarding players with in-game tokens and winning rewards in cryptocurrencies after playing PVP duels and tournaments against other players. Before each match, you place your bet and start the search for an opponent. Once an opponent is found, the battle begins. 

You earn 1.8x your bet if you win the fight and the additional in-game token rewards will be used for Play2Earn activities. Players can also win CBT tokens in tournaments or buy them on the open market to stake and earn rewards from the project’s fee pool.

Learn more about us by visiting our social media channels:

SpaceSwap on Twitter and Telegram!
CryptoBattles on Twitter and Telegram!