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Changes to the voting results regarding the addition of a MILK2-NFTS pool to the BSC version of Interstellar (for farming NFTS)

Recently, the SpaceSwap vote to determine whether to add a MILK2-NFTS pool for farming NFTS on the BSC version of Interstellar was completed.


We would like to emphasize that we are always happy to listen to and implement the community’s initiatives. However, on this occasion, we won’t be able to implement this particular change as it conflicts with the NFTS tokenomics model.

We are nonetheless delighted to observe the huge interest that the community has shown in acquiring the NFTS token by actively taking part in the workings of the ecosystem. That’s why we want to remind you that there is a Marketplace Mining feature built into the tokenomics of the NFTS token.

A definite amount of tokens will be distributed among the participants of the marketplace in accordance with their activity on the platform.

The NFTS tokenomics model

The native NFT STARS token gives holders access to lots of cool features and is the key to our unique NFT ecosystem.

NFTS benefits

  • This governance token will be the fuel that powers the DAO NFT community (for voting and selecting artists).
  • The most active NFT STARS users will be rewarded with NFTS tokens via the Marketplace Mining feature.
  • Owning a certain amount of NFTS tokens ensures eligibility for NFT discounts.
  • You can Buy / Sell NFTs with NFTS tokens.
  • Artists holding NFTS tokens pay lower fees.
  • With NFTS, users can purchase a special status on the platform to activate its extra features or to buy NFTs with discounts.
  • Staking in vaults to get an allocation in Initial NFT Offerings.
  • Liquidity mining throughout the platform’s farming pools and vaults.

We remind you that SpaceSwap users will be able to take part in the NFTS token airdrop.
So keep up with the news as NFT STARS Marketplace will be launched soon!

We would like to emphasize that right now our project is being actively upgraded. Our team is currently busy with:
  • The development of new products and SpaceSwap improvements
  • SpaceLend testing
  • Launchpad development
  • Adding new pools for MILK2 farming

Thanks for your loyal support! Stay safe and keep safe!

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