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NFTS and MILK2 Hotting up Amid Voting for Adding New Pools

NFTS-MILK2, BBT-MILK2, and NFTS-BNB pools to be listed on PancakeSwap and SpaceSwap! 

Due to a large number of requests, the SpaceSwap team has decided to launch a new vote to add the NFTS-BNB and NFTS-MILK2 pools to the BSC version of Interstellar. The voting will be over tomorrow, and we are delighted to share that as for now, the community has voted in favor of adding these pools! 

Voting details

We have launched voting on Snapshot, a tool that allows users to participate in voting and the platform’s governance. To participate in this vote, please follow the link:

You can also vote for adding the BBT-MILK2 pool to the BSC version of Interstellar, following this link:

NFTS-MILK2, BBT-MILK2, and NFTS-BNB pools will be implemented on the Interstellar version of Binance Smart Chain immediately after voting ends positevly.  
The NFTS-BNB pool is going to be added to the PancakeSwap platform as well. The listing of the NFTS token on PancakeSwap and Uniswap is scheduled for 2 p.m. UTC, June 6th! 

Why is it crucial for us and our community?

The engagement between NFT STARS and SpaceSwap is important as it will help to grow the community of both platforms. We plan to consolidate our efforts and launch joint marketing activities.

When we started creating pools with the MILK2 and SHAKE tokens, there were quite a few. However, then we decided to close them as they were not so profitable for our community. The next step was to create partner pools, which were also liquidated for the same reason.

As for this time, we have another solution: we will create pools with the tokens of our products as we want all our products to be profitable for our community. This helps us to scale and improve our services.

The SpaceSwap team wants to thank its community for such powerful support. Our community plays the main role in our products’ development. We are grateful that we can create services and solutions that meet our users’ needs and expectations.
Open the MILK2-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK2 instantly. 

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