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2-in-1! The SpaceSwap community announces 2 new votes about adding new pools to the BSC version of Interstellar

The SpaceSwap team is sure that the launch of new pools is the quickest way to enlarge its community and to enhance engagement with other friendly platforms.

To this end, we are happy to announce the launch of a new round of voting that concerns the implementation of new pools on the Binance Smart Chain version of Interstellar.

Voting details 

Due to a high number of requests from the SpaceSwap community, we would like to initiate two decentralized votes with the following purposes:


To add the NFTS-BNB and NFTS-MILK2 pools to the BSC version of Interstellar.
The launch of these pools will help to enhance the engagement between NFT STARS and SpaceSwap and to enlarge the communities of both projects.



To add the BBT-MILK2 pool to the BSC version of Interstellar. 


This will help to engage more users from other projects and to enlarge the communities of NFT STARS and SpaceSwap. BitBook, a Travel platform for booking accommodation and earning rewards for sharing travel experiences. The teams plan to work together in the marketing space, launching joint promotion campaigns and sharing their expertise. 

The three platforms traditionally work in different areas of decentralized finance: non-fungible tokens and digital art; yield farming and DeFi lending; Travel bookings and social media. The projects recognize that each can benefit from one another’s experience. That's why the major focus of the collaboration will be on joint marketing activities. As a travel booking company, BitBook has a big international community and a network of partners. NFT STARS will work with BitBook on cross-promoting their products and services to new communities and introducing audiences in Asia, Europe, and the Americas to the opportunities presented by NFT STARS’ NFT marketplace.

We are overjoyed to launch these new votes and to receive support and constant feedback from our community! It’s a great pleasure to be a part of one large enterprise that leads to all our mutual prosperity and success!

Open the MILK2-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK2 instantly. 
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