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$NFTS airdrop snapshot: Monday, August 23, 9:00 am UTC! Get your LPs and start farming!

Hello guys!

As promised, here is a little reminder about the upcoming snapshot:

NFTS drop LP snapshot will take place at 9:00 UTC on August 23rd - this Monday!

Even though there is still time, we strongly urge you not to leave it till the last moment. Don’t run the risk of facing a high network load or some other technical reason that could cause you to be late. So, if you have not yet done so, hurry up and:

  • Add all the necessary LPs to your wallet. 

Here are the pairs that are eligible to participate in the drop:

PancakeSwap V2 MILK2-BNB
PancakeSwap V2 SHAKE-BNB
PancakeSwap V2 MILK2-SHAKE


Please note: You should do this in the relevant network(s) and we advise you to do it  no later than 7:00 am UTC due to potential network congestion!

Check out our detailed FAQ article about the NFTS drop.

Right after the snapshot, all accounts eligible for the NFTS drop will be redirected to the drop page. The direct link will be found on the SpaceSwap mainpage.

There you will find a timer (yes, one more timer!) that will be counting down till one week after the snapshot. During this time, you should not withdraw your LPs from your wallets. The timer runs out on August 30th, which is when the “Claim” button will become available. By the time of the claim you will also see the $NFTS amount available to you in each pool. This amount depends on your share of the total liquidity.

NTFS is the NFT STARS native token and it performs the following functions (both realized and soon to be realized):

  • Encouraging marketplace users
  • Rewards and airdrops
  • Commission and status
  • Discount system and token burning 
  • DAO voting system
  • NFTS Mania Quest
  • Token sale and listing on exchanges
  • Token farming

Stay tuned and good luck!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team.

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