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SpaceSwap Starter on Binance Smart Chain: Full Guide

Hey guys!

The SpaceSwap Starter Binance Smart Chain version was announced a while ago and now, we are ready to release a complete guide on it. Please check it out below. 

By the way, you can already see the Staking option for MILK2 on the BSC version of the launchpad. The Staking button will be activated later, we will release a separate announcement.

Connecting to the Binance Smart Chain network:

  1. Switch your MetaMask to BSC.
  2. Proceed to the SpaceSwap Starter page: https://spaceswap.app/launchpad 

Note: to participate in a token sale on Binance Smart Chain, you need to stake MILK2 BEP-20 tokens. To purchase those, please, use PancakeSwap https://pancakeswap.finance/. You can purchase MILK2 paired with BNB or SHAKE tokens.

MILK2 contract address to pair with BNB

(https://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0x4a5a34212404f30c5ab7eb61b078fa4a55adc5a5 : 0x4a5a34212404f30c5ab7eb61b078fa4a55adc5a5) 

Staking MILK2 tokens

To participate in any SpaceSwap Starter event, users need to stake SpaceSwap’s native MILK2 token. The minimum stake is  5,000 MILK2 for the BSC network. The minimum and maximum numbers will be changing depending on the campaign.

Why stake?

Every registered participant of the token sale will be receiving their own token allocation, based on their share of the total amount staked. Staking MILK2 is a prerequisite for participating in the event.  

Important tip: you can stake your tokens at any time so that you always have them prepared for any token sale you choose in the future.

How we count users’ allocation

Let’s say Anna, Beth and Dylan decide to participate in the token sale. The amount of MILK2 they each stake is as follows:

Anna - 5,000 MILK2
Beth - 5,000 MILK2
Dylan - 10,000 MILK2

The total amount (100%) of the staked MILK2 is 20,000. Anna gets 25%, Beth also gets 25% and Dylan gets 50% of the allocation. That means that Anna and Beth will each be able to buy 25% of the tokens sold during the event, while Dylan will be able to buy 50%. 

Note: they are not obliged to buy these tokens. Allocation only gives you the RIGHT to buy. Whether you buy or not and how much you buy - that is your own decision.

Staking and withdrawing MILK2 tokens. Stages.

The staking process on the SpaceSwap Starter platform has 2 stages:

  1. Staking - sending MILK2 to the contract address for allocation counting.

The initial stake equals the minimum stake, which is 5,000 MILK2. You can also  stake additional MILK2 tokens. In that event, the minimum amount is not set but the total number of staked tokens must be at least 5,000 MILK2.


  • You have staked 5,000 MILK2. After a while, you want to stake more. You can stake at least 1 MILK2.
  • You have staked 5,000 MILK2. After the lock period of 7 days, you decide to withdraw part of the funds (2,000 MILK2). The remainder is 3,000 MILK2. Next time, you will be able to stake at least 2,000 MILK2 so that the total stake is not less than the minimum stake, which is 5,000 MILK2.

2.Withdrawal - the withdrawal stage, when users receive their funds in their wallets.

Upon deposit, the counter begins the 7 day countdown and at the end of the 7 days, the withdrawal of funds is automatically made available. You can withdraw all your funds or just a part of it. When withdrawing partial funds, the coins that remain staked will be factored into the calculations when working out your personal allocation in the token sale.

The counter starts a new countdown (zeroes out) with each new deposit. If you made a deposit, 5 days have passed, the counter displays the possibility of withdrawal after 2 days. You decide to make an additional deposit, and as soon as you make a deposit, the counter will start counting 7 days for the entire amount of the stake.

Note: all information in the pictures is shown as examples.

Registering for the sale

Staking MILK2 tokens alone does not enable you to participate in the sale, nor does it oblige you to do so. After staking your tokens, you will need to register for the sale.
Push the ‘PARTICIPATE’ button for this. This button stays inactive if one or more token sale conditions are not met.

After registration is complete, you will see the ‘REGISTERED’ button.

The Sale

The token sale will be conducted on the SpaceSwap Starter platform.


At the beginning of this stage, each participant will see their allocation. To buy tokens, you will need some stablecoins in the BSC standard. The amount of stablecoins needed will also be visible to each participant. The exact stablecoin you will need for each campaign will be announced separately and will be provided in the project description.

The sale process is simple. Just press the ‘BUY ALLOCATION’ button on the platform and follow the directions in your wallet.


When the token sale ends, wait for the next stage - token claiming. In this stage, you can claim the tokens purchased during the token sale.

The duration of each stage may vary depending on the campaign. All plans and separate notifications for changes in the stages will be published in our social networks.

Website: https://spaceswap.app
Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi
Blog: https://blog.spaceswap.app
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4hvxZNWGHP