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Right on the money! New proposal for the next SpaceSwap vote on the removal of all pools except SHAKE / ETH, SHAKE / MILK2, MILK2 / ETH

The SpaceSwap team is always doing its best to improve the platform ecosystem and whatever it takes to make sure our community gets the best services and biggest profits.
We’ve created the next proposal for a SpaceSwap vote that will help us make farming more exclusive and valuable. This will create much higher demand for the remaining pools. It will mean that when we create a new one, we’ll be right on the money!

The SpaceSwap team is about to put two new amendments to the vote concerning the new pools.

Due to our development plans, we would like to initiate a decentralized vote with the following purpose: 

To remove all the existing pools on the Ethereum network except for SHAKE / ETH, SHAKE / MILK2, MILK2 / ETH.

Vote on our SnapShot page 

Why is the removal of all these pools useful?

The huge number of pools presented on the SpaceSwap platform distracts our users. Usually it takes a lot of time for them to concentrate and choose between a big variety of pairs and weigh up all the pros and cons, including APY rates, the source platform and the popularity of the pool.

Moreover, the profit in the 3 pools we propose to keep will be much higher as the rewards won’t be buried among the large number of pairs.
Thus, we would be improving the quality of the Gravity and Interstellar services and making sure our users don’t spend a lot of time choosing the best option.

We’re always excited to check the results of the votes and find out that our community shares our ideas. It’s always a pleasure to make the system more stable with the full support of our users” - states the management team. 

Keep up with the news so you don’t miss the Snapshot voting announcement. 

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