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SpaceSwap security check — SCAMS shall not pass!

Hey community!

Every day the number of people joining our fellowship is growing. New people are joining us for the growth in services that we offer as well as our expansion onto new blockchains. But unfortunately, scammers will turn their lidless eye on us as well (this is the last Lord of the Rings reference, promise).

We would like to warn you all about the scam attempts happening to the members of our community recently. So please, be careful when using your MetaMask wallets.

The rules are simple. Do not store your passwords and seed phrases in insecure places, do not share your private keys with anyone, do not save them on any electronic devices (no screenshots, no .json files). Do not connect your wallet to suspicious websites and services. Check addresses thoroughly before sending your funds.

If you notice suspicious activity, we suggest that you change your MetaMask wallet and get a new one. Withdraw your funds from the compromised wallet and transfer them to the new one. Always track all your wallet’s activity.

Please check out the FAQs MetaMask provides to its users: MetaMask FAQs.

And remember that no group manager would ever PM you first, or ask for your private keys or seed phrases.

This is just a friendly reminder for you to be careful with your assets. Stay safe and stay tuned!

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