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Recap of the AMA session and the crazy good innovations coming to the ecosystem

The SpaceSwap team continues to expand its ecosystem and work towards bringing more products to its users. We shared all our updates on today’s AMA session. The biggest news we wanted to share with you is the launch of the IDO for the native token of our NFT STARS multi-chain NFT marketplace - NFTS. The public sale will be held on two platforms, BSCPad and Cyberfi Samurai Launchpad, on the 5th June. Save the date! 

The whitelisting process is already open, get yourself ready for what's coming next! MILK and SHAKE liquidity providers - for you we have extra news. Everyone who has our LP tokens is eligible for the NFTS drop, NFT STARS’ native token. This is our way to give back to the community that supported us throughout the whole journey!

Important detail: we're talking only about LP token holders, staking to the Boost does not count. 

NFT STARS supporters

NFT STARS has already gone through two rounds of private sales. Our vision of the NFT market and the products we're building received impressive support from multiple venture funds. The list of VCs that joined the two rounds of private sales includes: Moonwhale Ventures, DAO Maker, AquaBlock Ventures, Pluto Ventures, Platinum Fund, AU 21 Capital, Coin Celect, ZBS Capital, Magnus Capital, Morningstar Ventures, DEXT Force Ventures, BSCP Holdings, OneMax Capital, Basics Capital, BlockHunter Capital, Cyberfi Samurai and Newave Capital.

These are all well-established funds in the blockchain and crypto sphere. Taking part in the public sale means you join the ranks of prominent market actors.

"With NFT STARS, we aim to shift the focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation, while including more users and market actors in the NFT world. The idea gained a lot of support during the private sale and many notable crypto investment funds backed our aspirations. Now, the NFT STARS team is looking forward to the IDO and is very optimistic about the outcome" - Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS.

NFT STARS killer features

What’s to come regarding the NFT STARS platform? The marketplace aims to address multiple problems that both artists and users face. The new products will attract more market makers to the NFT sphere, which will introduce unique opportunities for collaborations on joint projects, give users the chance to add the most expensive and well-known works to their collection, fund startups with NFTs and enjoy the best of what the NFT market has to offer.


A distinctive feature of the NFT STARS marketplace is its careful selection of artists and the environment that the team creates for them. Each artist present on the platform undergoes a selection process by our executive team. Users coming to the platform will be able to appreciate the art and not be bombarded with an overwhelming number of works and names. By being active on the platform, users will earn points and use them to vote for their favorite artist that they want to see on NFT STARS.

Gas-free NFT Minting

Creating an NFT takes time and money. We want to free artists from this burden. Minting an art piece on NFT STARS is Gas-free for the artists. NFTs are minted at the time of sale and the purchaser pays the Gas expenses for the minting process. 

Collaborative NFT Creation

NFT STARS aims to shift the focus from speculation with NFTs back to artists’ biggest value - their creativity and unique view of the world. The platform facilitates the free flow of ideas and enables artists to come together as a group and create an NFT as a team, sharing the proceeds from its sale.

Augmented Reality Gallery

Digital art has never been so close to its audience. NFT STARS allows artists to create personalized galleries, powered by AR technology, on the screens of smartphones. Visitors can enjoy the art whenever they are. 

NFT Pricing Scanner

Sometimes it's hard to put a price tag on a piece of art. NFT STARS introduces NFT Pricing scanner which analyzes works in other marketplaces and provides artists with a suitable price guide. 

Fractional Trading

Not every user can afford to buy Beeple's work but who doesn't want to have it in their collection? NFT STARS opens the NFT world to everyone. Users who have been priced out of the market can participate in fractional NFT trading. 

Initial NFT Offering

NFT STARS includes more market actors in the process and creates more use cases for non-fungible tokens. An Initial NFT Offering is a way for startups to raise funds for their ideas and realize them with NFTs. A company goes through two rounds of funding, whereby users purchase NFTs to farm project tokens.

NFTS utility

With NFTS tokens, NFT STARS users will enjoy multiple benefits. Token holders will be eligible for NFT discounts, platform liquidity mining and have several advantages when participating in the Initial NFT Offering. NFTS holders can buy works of art for NFTS and participate in platform governance.

NFT Mania 

Another big piece of news is the end of  NFT Mania’s last quest! We congratulate all the winners and quest participants and hope you had as much fun as we did.

It was the first time that we organized an NFT game like that. We learnt a lot and quickly evolved during the process. The quest was an experiment whose format gained tremendous interest, as did the SpaceSwap ecosystem. We received many emails in response and it would seem, we succeeded in engaging the community.

Soon, we will share more details and will announce the distribution of the NFT farming cards to the winners. 

Space Starter

We've been developing a gamified launchpad that will help promising projects to raise funds and get exposure with an audience, where MILK2 tokens will be used for the allocations. We're not rushing the release because we are keen  to ensure that we create a high-quality, valuable product. We've also established relations with multiple startups wishing to launch on Space Starter. We are now carefully selecting them. 

Questions from the audience

  • Update on potential listings: We're working on the future listing of NFTS,  MILK2 and SHAKE tokens. 
  • Update on HECO launch: We've applied for the grant from the Huobi ECO Chain but haven’t received it . Now, we're evaluating what value we can bring to the HECO community and don't want to rush the process.
  • We’ve been working hard for the past few months and haven’t had much time to work on the roadmap. But we will be dedicating some time to finalizing our plans and publishing a roadmap.
  • The SHAKE blender will start working once we implement the new tokenomics. The starting price will be 7,500 MILK2 tokens for SHAKE.
  • Why is it taking so long to make the full integration of tokens on PancakeSwap? The platform requires projects to be listed in the Syrop pool and this process requires multiple steps and a lot of effort. We've already applied and will keep working on it. 
  • Our team is also considering a migration to Uniswap v3. We're looking at how the new system works and when it proves its sustainability and security, we will make the move safely. 

This is a quick recap of everything we've been working on in the past few weeks. To stay in the loop and be the first to hear all the news, follow us on social media.

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