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Bridge Re-Launch Announcement

Dear Community,

The thing you have been waiting for for so long has finally happened! 🎉 We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Shadow Bridge. It is now available on our official website. 👀

First of all, thank you all for your patience and a special thanks to those active members of our community who tested the bridge and provided us with valuable feedback. 😘

Please note that for some time to come, our service will work in beta mode. While the service is now fully functional and performs all the assigned tasks, we will continue to improve it and there still may be some issues to iron out.

We’ve successfully overcome the problem of waiting for liquidity! 💪

Now for the details:

The new Shadow Bridge consists of 3 pages:

1️⃣Swap page https://spaceswap.app/new-bridge
2️⃣Claim page https://spaceswap.app/new-bridge/claim
3️⃣Explorer page https://spaceswap.app/new-bridge/explorer 

Thus, the complete flow of a single exchange consists of the following actions:

1️⃣ Sending coins from one blockchain in the desired direction 
2️⃣ Claiming on the receiving blockchain

You can check the history of your exchanges on the Explorer page. 👈

Important information:

  • The bridge is launched on three nets at once – Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche.
  • After successfully sending coins through one network, the application will automatically redirect you to the claim page and give you the chance to change the network in MetaMask to the receiving network.
  • At the moment, only single swaps are available in the selected direction. For example, if you send BSC MILK2 to Ethereum, you will not be able to execute a new MILK2 swap from BSC to Ethereum until you claim your MILK2 from the first swap. In the next iteration, we will add the ability to action multi swaps in a single direction. Important: swaps in other directions / other tokens are possible, even if you have pending swaps.
  • We do not currently charge any token exchange fees. However, ‘approve’, ‘swap’ and ‘claim’ involve direct interaction with the contract on the blockchain and therefore requires gas, so make sure you have enough gas before making an exchange.
  • Approval is needed for our contracts to interact with your tokens, so in each network, you will need to approve MILK2 and SHAKE once before sending.
  • If you do not confirm the ‘swap’ transaction, you can swap in the previously designated direction immediately.
  • If a transaction does not go into processing because of a MetaMask failure (i.e. it is not processed by the blockchain), it will be canceled on our website after 30 minutes. After that, you can resend in the same direction.

👉 Note! Swaps that have already been sent cannot be canceled because the coins will have already been burned on our contract.

Please, note, that the Bridge runs on blockchain. It means that all delays or other cases on the network can influence the service, just like any other dApp.

If you have any questions, inquiries or technical issues, please contact our support team. We work for you 24/7. ✍