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Penguin Karts IDO on SpaceSwap Starter is scheduled for March 2022

We’re continuing to work on new IDOs, agreements and partnerships to introduce you to more interesting projects!

The next event that will delight you this spring is the Penguin Karts project sale!

It is a battle-racing, 3D, multiplayer game built on blockchain. It combines the best elements of arcade style kart-racing and mobile gaming, with Play-to-Earn, NFT dynamics. The things you earn and buy in Penguin Karts are yours to own. That’s right — every skin/item is an NFT, which means that they hold value and can be bought and sold at any time. The team is partnering with the world’s most gifted artists, designers and creators to produce limited releases that will be offered on the website!

Let's get to know the project a bit better! Join official channels to learn about the 2nd NFT Free-to-mint campaign that drops on February 22nd!

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More to come shortly about the sale

We will be providing all comprehensive information about the Penguin Karts sale closer to the date. For now, we can tell you that the project’s tokens will be issued on the Fantom blockchain and since Fantom is fully EVM compatible, you will easily be able to get your coins sent to the MetaMask wallet you use to participate in the sale.

More details are coming in the following posts!

As always, stay tuned!

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