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Follow-up to the SIDUS ACADEMY Collection presale for MILK2 tokens

As part of the initiative to strengthen the synergy between SpaceSwap and SIDUS HEROES, we conducted a short but effective presale of the Common NFTs from the new SIDUS ACADEMY COLLECTION on January 11th. Let’s now have a look at the results!

Due to the temporary lack of the cross-chain exchange feature, we deployed the contracts this time in all three networks — Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche, so that all our holders would be able to participate in the event. 

Presale duration: 5 hours
Total number of cards sold: 660
Total number of MILK2 collected: 432,140 (over $60,000 according to the rate at the end of the presale).

DAO vote on what to do with the collected MILK2 tokens

As always, we would like to leave it to our community to decide how we should make use of the collected funds. This is why we are initiating a DAO vote on the matter.

Question: What shall we do with the MILK2 tokens collected during the SIDUS ACADEMY COLLECTION presale?


  1. Burn all the tokens.
  2. Keep all the tokens and use them as liquidity for the Bridge service after it is restored.
  3. A 50/50 split between both above options.

The vote will start today at 13:00 UTC. Those eligible to vote are holders of MILK2 BEP-20 tokens whose balance is over zero at the moment the vote opens.

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