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Warming up: a test quest to win tickets to main NFT Mania event

Hey Community!

Recently we revealed our wish to restart the NFT Mania Quest - news which you accepted very well and enthusiastically. Soon, you will be seeing a new updated version of this game, with more features and slightly altered rules. This is all thanks to the feedback you provided upon our request. 

Quizzzes and more

While waiting, we offered you the chance to participate in mini daily quizzes, as a kind of warm up - and we see that you love them. But now it’s time to practice more relevant quests.

Beginning early October (the exact date will be announced later), we will be conducting a short test quest with real prizes. Please follow us to receive all the important information you need.

For those of you wanting to participate:

  • Participation in the test quiz is free (the main quiz will be a ticketed event with many new features and a big lottery with a $100K prize!)
  • Number of tasks - 3
  • For each task, we will reward the FIRST five users to send back the correct answers
  • In order to participate, you need to provide your email and MetaMask Ethereum address

What’s the prize? Entry tickets to the main NFT Mania Quest!

NFT Mania in short

Our first NFT Mania Quest took place this May with over 10,000 contestants! All these enthusiasts were solving daily riddles to get the key to the main treasury. The most attentive and persistent participants won some juicy prizes that included NFT FARMING cards for new farming pools. This time we are going further: over 35 quests will be capped with a $100,000 prize lottery!!

Stay tuned and wait for bigger news to come!

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