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SpaceSwap tokenomics update vote is over

The DAO voting session regarding the proposed new tokenomics for the SpaceSwap project, following its integration with the Avalanche network, is over.

Please check out the results here —> https://snapshot.org/#/spaceswap/proposal/0x60ef61dc7c8413801a2d3e0609b47d089f859208d665cefe4720747cd5b043bb 

The community gave its votes to Option 1 - Take the needed amount of coins from the reserve pool (previously earmarked for the network expansion), burn it on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, then issue the same amount on Avalanche. 

This means that we will not be cutting the farming period in the current networks. Farming in all three blockchains will finish at approximately the same time. We estimate this to happen in 6 months (unless otherwise decided by the DAO). 

Also, all the token burning and issuing procedures will be fully covered in our media.  

We aim to have the tokenomics updated by November 19th. There might be a slight change to the date.

Stay tuned!

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