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SpaceSwap digest #15

The launch of Binance Smart Chain, a complete guide on swapping MILK2 and SHAKE tokens for BSC, the burn of MILK2 tokens after NFT sale   

Hello, dear rangers!

February brought us a great yield of new services and breakthroughs that will become the main basis for SpaceSwap project development in 2021.

The Great Launch of the platform on Binance Smart Chain is one of the major achievements for all of us. So let’s look at the main events during the last week of February.

Ready, Steady, Go! SpaceSwap on Binance Smart Chain is launched! 

On 24 February, the SpaceSwap team finally launched Binance Smart Chain!
At the moment, there are three pools presented, based on PancakeSwap:
All tokens can migrate across the chains, thanks to the SpaceSwap Bridge. And there will be liquidity in the SpaceSwap Bridge, courtesy of the great NFT sale!
  • MILK2 / BNB

Check out our detailed manual to find out how to correctly attach your wallet to BSC. 

The SpaceSwap Blockchain Bridge manual

With the launch of SpaceSwap on Binance Smart Chain, users got the opportunity to migrate across the chains, thanks to the SpaceSwap Bridge.

The SpaceSwap team prepared a detailed manual on how to swap your ERC-20 MILK2 and SHAKE tokens for the Binance Smart Chain standard. 

Enjoy the low fees and high transaction speeds together with the very secure Shadow Staking technology.  

SpaceSwap's second collection has all gone!

On 20 February, we launched a new NFT card collection in partnership with Cream Finance, Swirge, MITH Cash, Meter, JulSwap and Curve Finance. 

The whole SpaceSwap partnership collection of NFT cards was sold out within a couple of days. One of the cards was entirely gobbled up in less then an hour. 

A new collection is going to be launched soon!

Multiply your APY with the SpaceSwap booster! 

We're happy to announce that the SpaceSwap booster service has now been launched!

This product allows you to multiply your APY by locking up your MILK2 tokens.

The more coins you lock, the bigger interest you get! 

MILK2 and SHAKE weekly price 

Last week, the SHAKE price ranged from $2,685 on 23 February to $4,901 on 24 February. The total liquidity rose 20% and is now at $452,529. 

The MILK2 price was changing from $0.58 on 27 February to $1.31 on 23 February. The total liquidity has also risen to $340,797.



That’s it for this week! Keep up with our skyrocketing news to be the best rangers in the SpaceSwap Universe!