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Marnotaur liquidity protocol utilizes SpaceSwap in-house SaaS — Shadow staking

Great news for all of us — Shadow staking technology is going beyond the SpaceSwap ecosystem and is about to be integrated into the Marnotaur liquidity protocol.

Recently, our CEO Dan Khomenko, during one of his regular streaming sessions, announced plans to create a marketplace and shared our intention to spread SpaceSwap’s in-house Shadow technology to projects outside of the SpaceSwap / SIDUS HEROES / NFT STARS ecosystem.

Here is the first result: the technology is to be implemented into the Marnotaur liquidity platform, which introduced its native $TAUR farming feature just a few weeks ago. Users are able to get pleasant rewards in TAUR, simply by farming TAUR-BUSD LPs and harvesting TAUR tokens. A high level of farming activity will lead to a gradual increase in rewards for farming LP tokens.

The Marnotaur platform will also feature the NFT farming — please, find all the details on the project’s official website https://marnotaur.com

The main advantage of Shadow staking technology is the significantly reduced gas costs as all the complex calculations are conducted on the back-end.

‌Shadow staking is a Layer 2 instrument for farming projects and earning LP rewards. Shadow technology can be implemented in different configurations. The version presented in Interstellar does not imply sending LP tokens to the contract. Marnotaur however will have conventional staking, but the major point is the speed and safety of calculations, and the reduction in the cost of data processing due to the transfer of complex calculations to the back-end. The technology was initially used by the Space Swap platform but after some significant reworking, it is now capable of being deployed by other projects, thus becoming a separate SaaS product with the source code that we never fully provide to anyone. 

These are all steps towards the improvement of technology and its mass adoption. One of the implementations is going to be the opening of a Farming marketplace.

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