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Hello guys! On Tuesday August 23, we had the great pleasure of speaking with Hessel — a representative of the SLEEP project.

We were glad to welcome Hessel to the SpaceSwap chat group. During the AMA session, we discussed some of the most relevant questions related to the project and its future development strategy. Of course, we didn’t forget to ask the questions we selected from our community!

Q: Could you give a short introduction to your project for our community?
A: SLEEP is the first Web3 lifestyle app with SocialFi and GameFi elements, where users can earn $ZZZ for sleeping, relaxing and putting their phone away.
At the launch, users equipped with NFT beds — can sleep to earn $ZZZ, which can be used to level up and mint new beds and other equipment.
Players can choose to rent out or sell their NFT beds in the in-app Marketplace; users’ SLEEP earnings are stored in an in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function.
Later, SLEEP will introduce two additional game modes where everyone can make extra $ZZZ:
- Car Mode: earn while driving by locking your phone.
- Monk Mode: earn while locking your phone to relax.

Q: Please tell us something more about yourself and the team.
A: My name is Hessel. I’m the CEO. I have been active in this market for 4 years now, the last 2 years working for Apollo Ventures. My passions are Health, Blockchain and Finance and all these aspects come together in SLEEP. Sleep is the foundation of health and without enough sleep, good mental and physical health is not possible.
Our team consists of 10 members. Each has been active in the market for more than 2 years and they each have their own qualities. We have an office in the Netherlands, where we work. Our team is fully doxxed and you can see everyone’s career path on LinkedIn.
The development is done by Crypton studios. We are very satisfied with this company, they have a lot of knowledge and work very professionally. They are currently working on the app with 10 developers.

Q: How did you come to the idea of creating the project? What inspired you?
A: The biggest reason was that I like to help people with better health. Sleep is the foundation of health. And this is a very big problem in modern society. Without enough sleep, good health is not possible. That’s why I combined my 3 biggest passions, Health, Blockchain and Finance, to help people with their health.

Q: What are your plans for the IDO, the TGE dates and your listings?
19/09–23/09 (September)
Max close 28/09 (September)
TGE 29/09
Listing probably on Bybit or Gate.

Q: Can you explain the unique selling point or the strengths of your project that could put your project ahead of your competitors.
A: I think the most important thing is that the Sleep mode also has a real use case in the real world. We have 3 modes and there are 3 ways to earn during the day: Sleep, Car and Monk mode.

Q: The most attractive feature of a Sleep-to-Earn mechanism is that it provides users with the chance to sleep and earn valuable tokens. Could you let us know more about your Sleep-to-Earn mechanisms/features? What other ways are there to generate passive income?
A: Yes of course! So there are multiple ways to earn in the SLEEP ecosystem.
- Locking your phone during sleep with the Sleep mode.
- Locking your phone when driving your car in the Car mode.
- Locking your phone when relaxing with the Monk mode.
- Renting out your NFT assets to other players in-app.
- Trading your NFT assets with other players in-app for profit.

Q: I’m interested in the Monk game mode. How about a brief explanation of this mode? How long does it take for users to lock their phones?
A: The Monk mode is max 30 minutes a day. You can use it for example for hyperfocusing on your work. Or to relax, for example when meditating, we have also added meditation music and tips and tricks for meditations in the Monk mode.

Q: Real-life adoption is one of the key elements that all blockchain projects aim for. This is a crucial factor for long-term development projects. So, does SLEEP have any plans to put this into practice?
A: Yes, this is incredibly important! That is why we also have 2 team members working full-time on partnerships and pilots in the real world, not only with governments and universities, but also with car insurers to see what effect locking your phone has on road safety.

Q: Will you develop an ecosystem of products? If so, what products will you add?
A: Besides the 3 modes (SLEEP, CAR AND MONK) that players can use to earn in 3 ways during the day, we will also add a SocialFi platform where people can follow each other.
There will also be major collaborations and we will continue to improve the app every month. We will do this together with our community.

Q: I am a potential investor so I will go straight to my question: How can early investors like me take the advantage with SLEEP? Are there any privileges?
A: We have put together a very nice package that will be a kickstarter for everyone!🚀 The price of the Mystery Box is $80. The value of the Mystery Box is between $125 and $300. And there’s an NFT bed in it worth $100, so everyone can start earning right away while sleeping!

Q: In the Sleep game, I read that players can rent out their NFT beds. So can you explain the Profit Sharing system for NFT bed owners and Tenants?
A: 70% of the revenue is for the borrower and 30% is for the owner.

Q: What competencies does your team have? Have you ever launched other projects?
A: Everyone has a lot of experience in this space and you can check on LinkedIn to see our exact career paths. Everyone has briefly been involved in launching projects. I worked for a long time for a venture capital party and I have helped many projects with positioning, marketing, financing etc…

Q: Many projects from your industry have encountered a large number of bots, how will you deal with this problem?
A: We have good security and users can only earn if their mobile is used properly during the day. Otherwise, this is not possible.