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Improving the SpaceSwap ecosystem: the Gravity contract has been changed.

The SpaceSwap team is ready to announce new changes in the Gravity contract that will help to implement the new Shadow Staking service within the platform ecosystem.

Moreover, this will help to prevent further arbitrage attacks that have already occurred on the SpaceSwap platform. Such attacks damage the stable workings of yield farming projects that are rising in popularity. Previous vote was aimed at keeping MILK2 stable and fighting arbitrage attacks by reorganizing Gravity, Interstellar and Galaxy pools.

Transfer your LP tokens to the new Gravity

All holders must transfer their LP tokens from the old version of Gravity to the new one

However, the SpaceSwap team has initiated the payout of the pending MILK2 harvest. Tokens that were generated during the pending harvest have already been transferred to users’ wallets. 

All that is left to do is to transfer your LP tokens onto the new platform!

The SpaceSwap team has already renewed the Gravity platform. While the Galaxy voting is still on, the ratio of “yes” votes to “no” votes was sufficiently clear for us to change the MILK2 stakes within the new Gravity platform beforehand. This will help to save holders’ liquidity and enable the smooth operation of the whole ecosystem. 

Why will these changes improve the platform?

  • Mitigation against arbitrage attacks 
The SpaceSwap team had to take measures quickly to save the liquidity level and make sure holders’ funds were safe. 
Turning off Blender and holding further votes on changes within the SpaceSwap platforms helped to solve the bots problem operatively.

  • Preparation for the launch of Shadow Staking
Our team has developed an outstanding instrument for farming projects and earning rewards for LP tokens without the need for users to send them to a smart contract. Shadow Staking will minimize users’ commision expenses and lower the risks by safely keeping LP tokens in users’ accounts.

The new smart contract will register interactions with the MILK2 smart contract, maintain an active pools list and their allocation of Points, as well as a list of users and many other details.

You can learn further details about this on our official GitBook.

The Shadow Staking service is going through beta testing  and will soon be launched.

The SpaceSwap team is delighted to implement innovations that will help to improve the security and productivity of the platform. We are sure that the new Shadow Staking service will prevent further arbitrage attacks and help to make users’ activity within SpaceSwap safe and comfortable. 

Open the MILK2-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK instantly. 
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