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As you might know, our third NFT MANIA Quest has come to an end. As always, there were many fun quests, great camaraderie and awesome prizes to celebrate the arrival of spring in the easter theme!

This time, we’ve had a total of 6 chests, 2 Free Quests, and a $50,000 lottery.

  • 2 Free quests for everyone ( 2 Common SIDUS Heroes )
  • 3 for NFT MANIA ticket holders ( $35,000 Prize pool in USDT )
  • 3 for the SIDUS HEROES community. (1 Common / 1 Epic / 1 Legendary SIDUS Heroes)
  • $50,000 lottery for 10 winners

As we promised before, the tickets from the previous NFT MANIA Quest were valid for this event as well. 

We want to congratulate all NFT MANIA QUEST winners and thank them for their participation in our quest!

Here is the list of winners for all 6 chests as well as sent transaction IDs for them: 

2 Free quests winners :
  • 0xf33cf8c618fcb7b54548064802e73051ac190466 -1st Winner
  • 0x6fb6c7389150b53547cf12e4f3400e22f16b2f52 - 2nd Winner 

1st NFT Ticket chest winners ($5,000): 
  • 0xffff8cc3d46cf4568cc23ea701c533cea705b8f8d24c3b1e42348e41092590e4 - 1st NFT chest Winner (60% of prize pool)
  • 0x0bf55d3442bd841d1535a68db33dbef75c2c1f6bc83b4dac350deb05a3750df4 - 2nd NFT chest Winner (40% of prize pool) 

2nd  NFT Ticket chest winners ($10,000): 
  • 0x110ae2f34484c1627f110d2bf129e24351bb7cff7d899bed899a4fe78b941397 - 1st NFT chest Winner (60% of prize pool)
  • 0x9a3f111d8e713da1fb4d6d7d5f69a2533ce6dd5ffeb770d5036ced98a957ef9c -  - 2nd NFT chest Winner (40% of prize pool) 

3rd  NFT Ticket chest winners ($20,000): 
  • 0x476f66bb7e34e24345f8f283ea8077eafcca272d266a3b29ab5206ba641479cf  - 1st NFT chest Winner (60% of prize pool)
  • 0xfeb3d1785a8341936670843be5ae89e045f14e8e580a0ad0efd4b866ffda3396 -  2nd NFT chest Winner (40% of prize pool) 

1st NFT SIDUS chest winner (1 Common Hero): 
  • 0xb83ebdcafefc7b9c42ceabb6c262208e2a675a70

2nd NFT SIDUS chest winner (1 Epic Hero): 
  • 0x59dc28bbb57f2779652c41cc74849911c0862669

3rd NFT SIDUS chest winner (1 Legendary Hero): 
  • 0xc288fae8b63f2a7b09b119214939f9dcf08e2ad3

The lottery results were shown on the live stream on our youtube channel and will be sent within the next 2 Business Days, which will be concluded in a short announcement afterwards. 

We hope everyone enjoyed this quest and will be waiting for its continuation! 

P.S. Within 24 hours you will also be able to take a survey on your opinion about the quest and its further continuation here