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Launchpad updates! Introducing the tier system!

Last Saturday, we announced the upcoming sale for the CrypCade project. This Tuesday on July 12th, we will reveal all the details!
But first, let’s deal with our new beta framework for the tier system in the context of the sale we plan to hold for the CrypCade project and for subsequent sales. We’re calling it ‘beta’ because we can still implement any necessary adjustments to it.
And besides, we also need your help in choosing a proper name for it!
!Important note! MILK2 staking will be conducted in the same place, regardless of stake size. For each sale, the contract will calculate the required amount automatically — you only need to register.
Stake $SHAKE in the new pool here.
All stakes are currently conducted on BSC only.
These staking model is based on an analysis of holders’ activities:
Tier 1: Sales that proceed according to our previous rules — allocations will be calculated based on each participant’s share of the pool total.
However, we will increase the minimum stake to 10k MILK2.
The maximum will become 29,999 MILK2.
Restrictions to the number of slots will be enforced and will work on the principle of FCFS.
Tier 2: Sales with a fixed allocation — if the amount of your stake is 30k MILK2 or more, a fixed number of participants for each separate sale.
To be able to purchase a guaranteed amount, you need to enter the fixed number of participants for the sale.
Tier 3: Sales for SHAKE stakers — a fixed allocation for a fixed number of participants. To enter you need 5 SHAKEs in staking or more.
To be able to purchase a guaranteed amount, you need to enter the fixed number of participants for the sale.
Please Note: Although there will be limited slots number conditions enforced for type 2 and type 3 sales, we do not expect much pressure there. This is also based on observations made by analyzing users’ activities.
Additional Flash Sale
An additional flash sale will be held if any of our users are unable to participate in the main sale. For the flash sale, we again use classic FCFS rules.
Participants’ allocations will be calculated according to their share of the total amount staked. Min/max as follows:
  • Min — 5k $MILK2 (previous minimum)
  • Max — 30k $MILK2
Given all the above mentioned information, we would like to choose a proper name for our Tiers. Right now, the team is considering three different options:

Option 1. MILK MONEY

10,000 to 29,999 MILK2 — Low Fat
30,000 and more MILK2 — Creamy
SHAKE — Shake


10,000 to 29,999 MILK2 — Sirius
30,000 and more MILK2 — Pollux
SHAKE — Arcturus


10,000 to 29,999 MILK2–Astro Cat
30,000 and more MILK2 — Space Hedgehog
SHAKE — Celestial Cow