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SpaceSwap Token Generator and How To Use It

If your blockchain startup lacks a token to its name, we offer a solution.Check out SpaceSwap to make that easy, quick, and hassle-free. Create your token right now using revolutionary automation in the crypto industry. Your token is a couple of clicks away and has a price of your average breakfast. Surf the wave of the growing bull market right now.

Read on to find out how SpaceSwap Generator works, what are your options, benefits, and more. Let’s roll.

Purpose of Minting on Spaceswap

Minting your own tokens can be challenging if you are not particularly savvy in blockchain technologies. However, that doesn’t mean you should lag behind the marching progress. In reality, your own token is a few clicks away. What SpaceSwap Generator offers, is an ERC-20 token creation without the necessity to write a code yourself. Then you can push your project forward, having its fundamentals taken care of. But first, a few clarifications are in order.

ERC, or Ethereum Request for Comment is a token standard, initially generated on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC-20, in turn, is the most common standard for smart contracts and tokens associated with them. The standard allows users to transfer tokens and be re-used by any other Ethereum application. It also makes it easier for them to be approved because the standardized elements must all be present.

Meanwhile, thanks to Ethereum’s dominant position in the DeFi market (roughly half of the market share) ERC-20 is compatible with a flurry of other blockchains, such as Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, etc. SpaceSwap minting can help you get started.

Much like ERC-20 itself, SpaceSwap Generator is compatible with the main EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains out there.

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Base
  • BSC
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Sepolia
  • Avalanche

A Step-by-Step Guide for SpaceSwap Generator

The minting happens through a special series of transactions and their verification. However, commencing the necessary transaction takes a certain level of expertise and knowledge. That’s where SpaceSwap also steps in to help make things easier. After the process is complete, all the minted tokens are transferred to the wallet address of your choice. So, here we go.

  1. Go to SpaceSwap Generator website
  2. Pair your wallet and choose the necessary Network.
  3. Choose the contract type (list below). Depending on the contract type the minting costs will vary.
  4. Set the parameters via the special template.
  5. Follow through with the transaction and get the minted tokens to your wallet.

Do you have a multichain project? No worries, you can repeat the process, choosing another network. And don’t sweat it, the Factory will do all the necessary steps for you, configuring the product based on your needs. For the record, the Factory is a contract, designed for cloning toкen templates.

Also, the Factory is what keeps the blockchain fees up to 10x lower, and verifies the contract code on Etherscan, with no need for additional steps from you.

Once the Factory step is complete, you will receive the address containing the future tokens.
Now that the process is more clear, let’s introduce the token options you can mint with the Spaceswap generator.

Variations of Tokens Available

Blueberry Standard - This variation is rather basic. It gives you the name, the ticker (the symbol), decimals, and the supply. All the minted tokens will be distributed to the address of the minter.
Cherry Medium - These tokens include all the basics mentioned above, plus several others listed below.

  • Ownership - the possibility to transfer the rights to the contract to another address.
  • maxSupply - the possibility to mint additional tokens, if you haven’t initially haven’t equated it to the initialSupply.
  • Burnable - evident from the name, it’s the possibility of burning tokens.
  • Pausable - the feature to halt all operations - transactions, swaps, etc.

Blacklist - the opportunity to block a certain address from all operations.
Mango Taxable - the token mint variation duplicates all features mentioned for Cherry Medium, with the addition of the taxFee function, the ability to charge a certain percentage of every transfer or trade. The tax is then sent to a designated tax address. Using this token variation you can still specify certain non-taxable addresses, or change the tax at any time.

The Fruit Shake Pro variation will also soon hit the market, so stay tuned for upcoming updates, and remember, your own ERC-20 tokens are just a few clicks away!