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SpaceSwap digest #13

Hello, dear space cowboys!
We hope you’ve fuelled your rockets with MILK2 and SHAKE as they are becoming quite rare and valuable products these days!

Last week we had some big announcements and a couple of votes, all geared towards making the SpaceSwap platform more comfortable and profitable. So fasten your seatbelts, we’re ready to spread the word on behalf of all our Universe!

SpaceSwap to be launched on Binance Smart Chain in less than 3 weeks!

Yep, it’s happening. We are expanding our platform onto Binance Smart Chain! Our team is more than proud to be joining the group of BSC supporters, which already includes Swipe, Aave, 1inch exchange, WazirX, DODO and many other respected projects.

BSC offers a safe farming technology that gets around the need to stake valuable LP tokens on 3rd-party platforms. Check out our article to learn about all the benefits of our Big Cosmic Expansion.

Vote to Decrease rewards in NOAHP / ETH and Shadow protocols

Last week SpaceSwap initiated 2 new votes on decreasing the rewards in NOAHP / ETH and the Shadow protocols. 

Our cosmic society has spoken and the changes will be implemented soon!



We do believe these changes will help to make the distribution of rewards more logical and balanced.

Improvements to SpaceSwap Index platform

Last week we presented a big manual explaining how to use the SpaceSwap Index platform and why SSI coins are so great. 

Briefly, the platform is very convenient and saves users a lot of time and money by rebalancing their crypto, applying whichever strategy the user chooses. 

To date, the development team has also implemented a ‘BUY & SELL' option on the site. So the trading option has become more comfortable!

MILK2 and SHAKE weekly price 

Last week was quite a roller coaster for both our coins. On 8 February, SHAKE was at the top with its highest rate of $8,243 and fell to $3,003 at its lowest point on 10 February. 

The total liquidity is 12% lower than last week - $762,257.

As for MILK2, the coin reached its highs and lows on the same dates. On 8 February, it showed its best result of $1.63 and fell to $0.82 on 10 February. 

The total liquidity is $636,270.



That’s it for this week! Looking forward to sharing more extraterrestrial achievements with you again soon. See you next week!