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Sharing is caring: join SpaceSwap’s partnership program to get MILK financing

Are you running a crypto or DeFi project and need financing? The SpaceSwap crypto Cow can fuel your venture with MILK! Our Partnership Program has been created to encourage the most talented and prospective market players. 

With the number of DeFi and crypto platforms growing at an exponential rate, the market is getting more competitive. Investors are becoming picky and some worthy projects might stay in the shadow of big sharks. It goes without saying that the insane ETH gas fees are devouring a significant part of users’ and platforms’ earnings.

Lack of investments and resources is a serious issue that hinders the development of the young DeFi industry. We are here to address that. 

SpaceSwap’s mission is not limited to providing fair yield farming only - we want to make the whole DeFi and crypto industry balanced and equally profitable for everyone. Instead of simply taking users’ money, as some other DeFi projects do, we base our philosophy on SHARING. That’s why we have created the SpaceSwap Partnership Program to support great online projects that have large communities. 

What we do

According to SpaceSwap’s tokenomics, 3% of all the newly minted supply of MilkyWay (MILK) coins goes to the developers working on platform improvement. Striving to support new and talented projects like ours, we want to assign a part of this supply to those who need it.

Who qualifies for our  Partnership Program? We welcome any crypto and DeFi startup with innovative ideas and approaches! If your project is supported by a large community (1000+ people), we are also disposed to contribute MILK coins to it! If you have a native coin, we may consider creating a Milky Planet (pool) to farm it.  

This is a great opportunity to get additional financing and let your community test our new DeFi platform. MILK coin holders can submit their coins to SpaceSwap liquidity pools to reap more profits and try deflationary yield farming - the hottest trend in the DeFi industry. 

Want MILK?

The applications for the SpaceSwap Partnership program are accepted via email info@spaceswap.app. We will review the request and contact you. 

Projects that qualify for the program will get MILK coins sent to their community and the link to our Partnership Program. 

Feel the love and our support to the Moon and back!

Open the MILK-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK instantly. 
For more information, check out GitHub or contact the SpaceSwap team:

Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi  
Blog: https://blog.spaceswap.app/   
Discord: https://discord.gg/r6RymJj
WeChat channel invitation via manager: