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SpaceSwap roadmap and future innovations. What’s next?

To date, the SpaceSwap team has done a lot of improvements within the platform ecosystem by launching a number of innovative developments. That led to a series of positive changes including the rise in the price of its native MILK2 and SHAKE coins.

But that’s just the start of the SpaceSwap cosmic journey. 

Initially, SpaceSwap was launched on the basis of the existing DeFi Yield Farming projects (Sushi, Yam, and many others) and their tokenomics. However, it has a lot of shortcomings including the endless emission of Yield Farming tokens. This leads to inflation and profit loss. 

Thus, the SpaceSwap team decided to create its own way to enter the DeFi Universe by implementing a number of efficient innovations to make the project stable and long-lasting. 

The SpaceSwap project innovations

Striving to eliminate the drawbacks and flaws of the initial v1 protocol, SpaceSwap presented the upgraded and improved Version 2.0 with the following improvements:

  • rethinking and refining of the tokenomics model and the process of coin emission
  • issuing of the unique SHAKE coin which controls the amount of MILK2 coins decelerating inflation. During the process of MILK2-SHAKE swap, the coins will be burnt/emitted. However, during the reverse exchange, i.e. SHAKE-MILK2, the price is lowered by 10 MILK2, so as to prevent instant arbitrage.  
  • creating of the Roadmap with the new innovative DeFi services on board

The current Yield Farming system with its two native coins in a row is a real game-changer.
No other project has 2 interchangeable coins with multi-functions and guaranteed liquidity.

SpaceSwap team follows its own Milky Way by implementing Galaxy, a voting system for new promising pools. Only the pools of projects with high interest in mutual development can be put to vote in the Galaxy system. 

  • After the generation of every 100,000 blocks, we’ll launch a vote on which pools to include or delete. Each MILK2 holder can participate in it. 
  • The power of their vote being correlated to the number of coins they own.
  • The pools that receive more than 50% ‘FOR’ votes will be listed.
  • Each pool may function for two election periods (200,000 blocks) which guarantees the changeability of the projects on the platform.

Thus, the SpaceSwap team supports new promising projects and creates a new unique ecosystem within the DeFi society. 

SpaceSwap Roadmap

Already done:

  1. The launch of SpaceSwap 2.0 - 09/25/2020
  2. The launch of Yield Farming/Liquidity Mining - 09/25/2020
  3. The implementing of SHAKE coin (only 10 000 SHAKE will be issued) - 09/25/2020
  4. The launch of SpaceSwap Galaxy (voting system) - 09/30/2020

Coming soon:

  1. SpaceSwap Gravity - the platform for the stablecoin arbitrage that will allow users to get additional MILK2 reward. Gravity is aimed to address the stablecoins volatility on the DeFi market. The platform will offer higher rewards in the pools with nominal value. The reward will be decreased if the price in the pool is higher than nominal. All in all, the system stimulates sales of expansive assets and purchases of those with low cost. 
  2. Shadow Farming is a unique development that is going to revolutionize the whole DeFi farming sphere. 
  3. Index Token Platform is the place for issuing the top-hit token indexes. 

Stay tuned to get more updates!

Open the MILK-ETH pool on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK instantly. 
For more information, check out GitHub or contact the SpaceSwap team:

Telegram: t.me/SpaceSwap   
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spaceswapdefi  
Blog: https://blog.spaceswap.app/ 
Discord: https://discord.gg/r6RymJj
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