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Details on the Bridge incident

On July 15, we detected suspicious bridge activity, which was soon terminated. As a result of the attack, the hacker exchanged the stolen MILK2 for BNB, which he then stole through the exchanger. We also have more details, but we will refrain from disclosing those that may affect the course of the investigation. As established - SHAKE was not subjected to the actions of a hacker.

The attacker's activity was stopped in the first minutes. Bridge services are temporarily suspended until all circumstances are clarified. We apologize and will pay due attention to improving the quality of work in all areas. On Monday, all the unfinished swaps will be made. If you have any additional questions, please DM us.

Note that the bridge service was an experimental development operating in beta mode and was not associated with other services of our site, and is not related to any of the ecosystem services.

Regarding the price adjustment of coins that directly or indirectly fell in price as a result of this incident, the team, based on the experience and analysis of the industry and its examples, we decided to adjust the rates in small amounts during the natural stabilization of the rate without separate announcements in order to avoid spontaneous sales.

We continue our work. Ahead we have new sales and the mini-games concept development. CrypCade’s project IDO will be held a little later than the announced date, but within this month. We will continue to introduce you to this project. Stay tuned for launch date updates.

With sincere apologies and the desire to actively continue our joint development, 
SpaceSwap team.