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SpaceSwap expands onto Avalanche network

SpaceSwap is moving on! We already have the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain versions of the project, but who ever said we would be settling on just two chains? Here comes the new SpaceSwap Avalanche version!

Why Avalanche?

There are many blockchains out there, but we are choosing Avalanche for our next move. Why’s that - you would ask.

Avalanche is not called “the platform of platforms” for no reason. It enables the creation of tailor-made, application-specific blockchains. In this regard, Avalanche is similar to Polkadot but with a higher throughput, less than a second finality and the ability to scale to millions of validators via their unparalleled decentralization idea.

Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform at present and has the most number of validators securing its activities of any proof-of-stake protocol.


> 4,500 tps
< 2-second transaction finality
Optimal CPU
Scalable to millions of validators
$AVAX native token

Solutions powered by Avalanche:

  • Decentralized Finance
  • Used by Institutions, Enterprises and Governments
  • NFT Collectibles

SpaceSwap on Avalanche: what to expect?

We hope that Avalanche integration will be seamless and easy for all our users. This is why we are preparing a number of materials to help you make this transition with zero problem or mistake.

In the nearest future we will be publishing:

  1. Avalanche network manuals and study materials
  2. Integration Roadmap, where we will indicate the steps and dates of every iteration 

We are also planning to conduct the DAO voting on the future tokenomics as a part of the integration process. The main goal is to keep functioning to the fullest without breaking the MILK2 and SHAKE tokens maximum supply.

Please, follow the news so that your vote is counted.

Bringing Shadow Staking to Avalanche users

We are happy that Avalanche users will be able to take advantage of our unique in-house technology. It is a revolutionary solution that allows users to earn extra profit without the need to remove assets from their wallets.

With Shadow Staking, SpaceSwap users can add liquidity to SpaceSwap pools without actually transferring it to the platform. All you need to do is connect your wallet to our platform using a one-time contract interaction and enjoy some extra profit with zero risks.

The advantages of Shadow Staking:

  • You are saving time by avoiding several iterations 
  • All your LP tokens are safely stored in your wallet
  • You are not dependent on gas fees or network congestion
  • No overpriced gas fees 

Our Shadow Staking technology is now running on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Avalanche is about to become the next blockchain we expand this technology onto.

We recently introduced the Shadow Staking Version 2.0 extension. We are seeing huge interest in our technology from numerous projects and so we’ve decided to develop a simple and convenient integration path for them, allowing their users to benefit as well. The Shadow Staking 2.0 ecosystem will also include more ways to use the funds pledged by users (highly profitable options with higher risks and less profitable options that aren’t risky at all) and a new motivational system for them too.

The Farming Factory is designed to allow partners to set multiple motivation systems for one pool, instructing the pool to give out one or more rewards in order to motivate users. This will empower our partners with choices when specifying an appropriate strategy to calculate motivational bonuses. The strategy is formulated by back-end operations. Based on data gathered from pools on user investments, the final value of bonuses is calculated. 

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