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SpaceSwap tokenomics update. DAO vote on farming options

Hey, Community!

As you remember, we recently announced the beginning of the integration process with the Avalanche network. And while our developers are putting on the finishing touches to the Avalanche version of Interstellar farming and Booster, we have one very important thing to do - decide on the details of our native MILK2 and SHAKE tokenomics model. And this is where we need your input.

DAO voting link: https://snapshot.org/#/spaceswap/proposal/0x60ef61dc7c8413801a2d3e0609b47d089f859208d665cefe4720747cd5b043bb 


Maximum supply on all blockchain networks will remain the same:

MILK2 - 65.2m tokens

SHAKE - 5,000 tokens

For the Avalanche network, we will be issuing some MILK2 and SHAKE tokens to be allocated as follows:


  • Interstellar farming
  • liquidity for Pangolin DEX pools (MILK2-AVAX, MILK2-SHAKE)
  • liquidity for the → Avalanche bridge
  • marketing
  • reserve pool


  • liquidity for Pangolin DEX pools (SHAKE-AVAX, SHAKE-MILK2)
  • liquidity for the → Avalanche bridge
  • reserve pool

To adjust the total amount of tokens, the issue of new MILK2 and SHAKE will only take place after the burn down of the corresponding number of tokens on the Ethereum and BSC networks. All transactions will be provided.

Almost all the Avalanche allocation will be taken from the reserve pool that we earmarked for expanding into new networks. Yet, we think a solid question to ask and seek your opinion on concerns the farming allocation. 
We have two main concepts to offer.

Question: Which allocation should we use for the token burn?

From farming allocation

+ farming supply remains the same
- farming duration will decrease (if you vote for this option, we will be offering new options for farming durations; currently, BSC and Ethereum versions have coins for approx. 6 months of farming, unless DAO changes this in the future)

From reserve pool

+ farming duration will remain the same for BSC and Ethereum versions
- total farming reward volume increases

Cast your vote via the link → https://snapshot.org/#/spaceswap/proposal/0x60ef61dc7c8413801a2d3e0609b47d089f859208d665cefe4720747cd5b043bb 
Stay tuned!

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