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New proposals for the next SpaceSwap vote: decreasing the rewards in NOAHP / ETH and Shadow protocols!

The SpaceSwap team is about to launch 2 new votes concerning a change of rewards in the pools.

As you may know, we are continuously implementing new rules in our ecosystem in accordance with the changes we make within our platform. We always strive to make our platform principles as fair and correct as possible. That’s why the SpaceSwap team always listens to the community within the ecosystem. Thus, the appearance of the new partnership pools with 1inch and Curve is the motivation for launching this new vote.

The SpaceSwap team is about to put two new amendments to the vote concerning the system’s structure and mechanics.

  1. We are planning to decrease the rewards in the Shadow protocols - from 6.9 to 3.5 MILK2.
  2. We are planning To reduce the rewards (allocation points) for the NOAHP / ETH pool and increase rewards for the SHAKE / ETH, MILK2 / ETH pools.

Vote “Yes” in both cases if you want these changes to be implemented or vote “No” if you want to keep the rewards as they are.

We need your votes in our SnapShot: 



If adopted through our voting system, these changes will help to make the distribution of rewards more logical and balanced and also allow us to better understand the community’s opinion.

Open the MILK2-ETH pool  on Uniswap and click on the ‘Trade’ button to buy MILK2 instantly. 
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