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Stake 5,000 MILK2 in UniFarm Cohort 36 and take part in GameYoo’s IDO on the UniFarm Launch on 16 March 2022

Hey Community,

If you have not yet heard about the recent UniFarm Cohort that we are taking part in — hurry up and read this message so you can enter the Cohort and earn FREE tokens! We are here to provide you with one more reason to do so!

Stake 5,000 MILK2 or more in the ongoing Cohort and you will be eligible for the GameYoo project’s IDO that will take place when UniFarm is launched on March 16th 2022!

GameYoo is a bridge project that connects off-blockchain and blockchain game assets by gathering players’ traditional game assets and generating blockchain assets that correspond to those games, allowing off-blockchain game assets to produce real value.

Find out more about this opportunity here: https://blog.unifarm.co/get-whitelisted-for-the-gameyoo-ido/ 

On March 10th, UniFarm Cohort 36 went live with SpaceSwap ($MILK2), BattleVerse ($BVC), NFT4Play ($4PLAY) and UniFarm ($UFARM). The pool is on the Binance Smart Chain network, so MILK2 BEP-20 is the token you need to stake. The staking limit per project in the Сohort is $500,000 USD, with a guaranteed APY of 36% to 250%, which means the maximum amount that users can stake is the equivalent of $500,000 in MILK2 tokens.

Good luck and stay tuned!

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