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The first claim of $SIDUS & $SENATE via SpaceSwap Starter launchpad in-house locker

Hey Community,

We are here to offer you use of the SpaceSwap in-house locker system for the first and foreseeable $SIDUS and $SENATE token unlocks within the SIDUS HEROES IDO vesting schedule.

The first unlock has passed. You may now claim 10% according to the vesting schedule. All the following unlocks will be happening on the 15th of every month until September 2022 (included) starting 7:00 UTC. In case of changes we will make official announcements.

You can find the Unlock page via the link on the Campaigns page.

  1. Open the card of the chosen campaign on the https://spaceswap.app/launchpad page. Use the Binance Smart Chain mainnet. Click on the VESTING button or open the vesting page directly from the following links:

  • for $SIDUS: spaceswap.app/claim/1
  • for $SENATE: spaceswap.app/claim/2
After you open the Vesting page, switch the network to Ethereum as the claim tokens are on this blockchain.

Please note that $SIDUS and $SENATE claims must be done separately. For claiming tokens you will be charged a gas fee — make sure you have enough Ether to pay the commission charge.

2. If you log in to the platform using the same wallet address you used for making your purchase, you will see a welcome greeting and the following information:

  • Total: the amount of tokens that will be unlocked prior to the end of the vesting period. Note that this amount DOES NOT include the previous 10% TGE distribution, which was sent to you manually.
  • Locked: the amount of tokens not yet claimable (as per the vesting schedule).
  • Available now: the amount of tokens available to claim (this amount will accumulate if you decide to claim your tokens after 2+ unlock events).
  • Claimed: the amount of tokens that have already been claimed. Please note that the front-end claim data takes a few hours to update — to ensure that your claim has been conducted successfully, check on etherscan.io.

3. The unlock schedule can be found at the bottom of the page.
4. There is no limit on when to claim the unlocked tokens. You can wait for several unlock periods and claim any amount available at any convenient time.

If something goes wrong…

  • I can't find something that you mentioned!

Make sure that: 1) your wallet is connected to the platform; 2) you have chosen the Ethereum mainnet for the Locker page and Binance Smart Chain for the Campaigns page; 3) you have checked the validity of the links you used (see above).

  • I’m getting a “This address is not registered for the claim” message on the claim page!

Make sure you have connected the same wallet that was used to make the purchase in the IDO. The same address was previously used for receiving the TGE distribution. Check if you are currently on the right token page for the token that you purchased (so if you bought $SENATE, you should not be on the $SIDUS page to claim it). If all is done correctly and the problem is still there, please contact our Support team and provide your address and a screenshot of the page.

  • I purchased more tokens that I see on the website!

Make sure you are checking the right token ($SIDUS or $SENATE). Also remember that the unlock amount does not include the 10% TGE amount that was already distributed to you manually. Refresh the page, clear your cache. If you are still sure that the number of tokens should be more, please contact our Support team.

  • I pushed the Claim button but have still not received anything.

Please note that the front-end information takes up to 3 hours to update. The MetaMask wallet displays information about the transactions in parts, so to check your real-time claim progress — go to etherscan.io. If the transaction has a “Pending” status, wait till it is fully processed on the blockchain. If the status is “Failed”, contact our Support team.

Thank you and stay tuned!

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